All-day activities 2019

During Japan Impact, a lot off rooms offer all-day activities in which you can take part ! You can go there at any time of the day to make a pause and enjoy the activity. 


Room Tanuki

Come to discover the Bushiroad cards game such as Vanguard or Weiss Schwarz in which you’re into original or favorite anime universe. 


Discover “Force of Will”

Room Tanuki

Discover the cards game “Force of Will” coming directly  from Japan. With charachters taken out of myths and legends from all over the world and illustration between comics and manga, everyone will enjoy this beautiful game. 

Tournaments :

Two tournaments will take place during Japan Impact. The 1st one is a tournament of Force of Will on the “New Frontier” mode. The 2nd one i a Keyforge tournament (attention : you’ll have to bring your own deck). 


Final Fantasy TCG

Room Tanuki

You’re a big fan of Final Fantasy ? You now have the opportunity to play with all your favorite characters in a trading cards game which includes all the best illustrations of the serie. 

Come to discover this game and confront other players during free games. An official tournament will also take place on Sunday.


Go game

Room  Uki

You read the manga “Hikaru no Go” ? You read the newspaper and heard about Google and its computer AlphaGo ? Or you are just curious about this game which help you a lot in Scrabble ?

Go is an ancestral game coming from Asia. Extremely popular there, it also is becoming famous in Europe. It may no seems so, but there’s no need to the a mastermind to learn how to play. 10 minutes are enough to teach the rules which can be played at all ages. 

If you feel the need to change air or atmosphere inbetween two activities, don’t hesitate to go and play a little game. 


Hanafuda’s demonstration

Room Uki

Created during the 16th century to avoid the ban on western games, Hanafuda is a typical cards game from Japan. He was then imported to the US in the 3o’s by a well-known firm : Nintendo. A game last ~30 minutes. You’ll be able to enjoy during the convention the variant “Hana-Awase” & “Koi-Koi”.


Japan and board games

Room Tanuki

You want to make a funny pause during the day ? Come and enjoy  a good time with friends or family around a variety of board games for everyone from 6 to 100 years old. 


Roleplay – JDR-Poly

Room Shika

You have a sudden urge to free your imagination and express your craziest ideas ? Then go immediately to our roleplay room ! Forget all limit, there you can do everything !

You want to incarnate a tyrannical bureaucrat, a charming elf, a brawny demon or a timid little child ? Everything’s possible ! If you want to be sure to participate, don’t forget to register, places are limited. 




Meet little K – Hall-Kamishibaï
Meet the art of kamishibaï with the Teen Titans team from the MDC – Museum of Tales and stories “outside the wall”

Room Matcha

Since the 1920s in Japan, the kamishibaya-san (street storytellers) carried a small wooden theater placed at the top of a large box stowed to the rack of the bicycle-kamishibai they rented. This magical theater is now present all around the world. Come introduce yourself to this art that combines graphic arts and narration.
The whole team of the Museum of Tales welcomes you during the weekend.

Alternate from 10 am, readings of tales and legends reported from Japan and the creation of mini-kamishibais. For all ages

For more info: http://www.lasuisseraconte.ch/offre/espace-kamishibai/.


Ligue Pokémon TCG d’Yverdon

Room Tanuki

Thanks to the association of the “ligue Pokémon TCG d’Yverdon” (re)discover the trading cards game “Pokemon”.

During the convention several demonstrations, initiations and friendly games will take place. If you’re an expert or just a curious visitor, you’ll enjoy this activity !


Mah-jong’s initiation and game

Room Uki

The Mah-jong is a secular game very popular in Asia. It is also one of world’s most played game. Come and discover this game designed for all age and play a game in a joyful atmosphere.


Maid café “Victorian Rose”

Room Maid Café

Tired or hungry ? You need a place to take a rest in a quiet atmosphere ? We have the solution for you : our wonderful Maid café. Our maid and host are here to serve you a delicious tea or hot chocolate accompany with yummy homemade pastries. 

Our Maid café is a place not to miss for its unique atmosphere !


Manga Café – 1’000 cranes challenge

Room Okinawa

Japan Impact is always very intense and you’ll need to rest sometimes in quiet and confortables place. So why not go to our manga café ? You’ll be able to sit on sofas and read a variety of manga. You also could participate to our 1’000 cranes challenge : the goal is to create 1’000 origami cranes, which is a symbol of happiness, chance and health. 


Méditation ZaZen

Room Myoga

Come and sit (ZA) on a meditation cushion (ZEN) and make the experience of siting in silence to find your inner rythm. There will be a new seance at the beginning of each hour (duration : ~30 min). 


Bolo Museum – Japan’s trail

Room Sengoku

With “Circuits of Japan”, the Bolo Museum takes you on a historic journey through the circuit boards of Japanese technology. From the コンピュータ (konpyūta) to the テレビゲーム (terebigēmu) and the エレクトロニック (erekutoronikku), discover more about Japan’s legacy through a unique exhibition specially conceived for Japan Impact 2019. 


Gunpla Museum / Bandai France

Room Sengoku

Bandai France will organize an expo on one of Japan’s most famous series of all times : Gundam. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the serie, Bandai will show several Gunplas, which are figure of mecha from Gundam. Don’t miss this unique expo !


PolyJapan’s activities’ room

Room Kitsune

You know by heart Pokemon’s opening and want to shout it out loud ? You’re an anime or manga’s expert ? You want to enjoy a good time with friends ? Then come to our activities’ room ! You’ll be able to test your knowledge, sing in our karaoke, … in a crazy atmosphere and why not go back with a little gift !


Photo Studio – Multiverse & Pierre Janin Photographie

Room Okinawa

Multiverse and Pierre Janin are professional photographs who have come to Japan Impact since a long time now. They’ll be back this year to hold the photo studio. With friends or family, cosplayed or not, come and immortalize your week-end at Japan Impact 11.