Cultural Workshops

Japan Impact, it’s also lot of cultural activities! Come discover these workshops and let your creativity guide you during the convention.

To participate, you only need to register on a sheet in front of the room mentioned. Be careful : schedule are not definitive and might be subject to changes.

Activity on the Gunpla Univers

9 February 2021
Interested in the world of Gunpla? During the Japan Impact Pocket Edition event on February 20-21, passionate members of the Polyjapan committee will present you the universe and will assemble the limited edition kits of the 2020 Olympics! Read More

Drawing workshop with Kyosai

16 February 2021
And there is always more to come for your Japan Impact: Pocket Edition online weekend!  Sunday February 21 from 12:15 to 1:00 p.m. in room 2 of our twitch channel, the Kyosai association will teach you how to draw according to the rules of the art with alcohol markers. For this, you will need:  - A pencil and an eraser  - Paper  - Alcohol markers  - Liners (black), resistant to water  So, go shopping, artists, and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!  To learn more about the association, you can visit their site https://assokyosai.wordpress.com/ or their online store at https://associationkyosai.storenvy.com/. Read More

Japanese class with EF

13 February 2021
Sunday February 21 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:00p.m. in room 2 of the twitch channel of your Japan-Impact: Pocket Edition event, you will hear experiences of trips to Japan with EF* and will be able to assist to a Japanese course online. We are looking forward to see you there… See you next Sunday, then !   * EF (Education First) offers a broad variety of language trips, cultural exchanges and academic programs all over the world. Read More

Workshop : Papercraft

11 February 2021
Bring your best paper at Japan-Impact: Pocket Edition! The Kyosai association will offer you a papercraft workshop and will show you how to create beautiful 3d models. If you want to follow the workshop and make beautiful creations, you will need to : 120g papera pair of scissorsglue, preferably liquid vinyl glue (handled with a brush) For the drawing, the recommended material is : pencil & eraserpaperalcohol markersliners (black technical felts), water resistant. The models will soon be available on our website and on the Kyosai association website! Good luck! Read More

Workshop on calligraphy

8 February 2021
Want to learn Japanese calligraphy? Seisui Calligraphy will teach you how to do it yourself in a workshop! To participate optimally, get a calligraphy kit on : Shodo Set We are expecting many of you at the Japan Impact : Pocket Edition online event on February 20-21! Read More

Workshop-conference about mangas and the profession of the mangaka – Katahira Yoshimi

17 February 2021
Want to discover more about the profession of Mangaka? Then you absolutely must not miss this workshop-conference, organized by the Japanese consulate in Geneva! Yoshimi Katahira, mangaka and illustrator based in Paris, will present her professional career as a manga artist in Japan and will explain the different stages of creating a manga. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a small workshop where you will learn some basic techniques essential to creating a manga, including how to draw your own original character. Finally, the workshop-conference will be followed by a Q&A session where you can ask all your questions about this fascinating profession. See you on Sunday... Read More