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Like always, you’ll be able to enjoy various concerts during Japan Impact with very different styles but all linked to Japan. This page will update as we announce our guests.


12 December 2021
AKARA is a rock band composed of a vocalist and three musicians, each playing a traditional Japanese instrument such as a Koto (silk stringed instrument), a Sinobue (bamboo flute), a Nokan (a No flute), or a Tsuzumi (drum). We are happy to welcome them for a fiery concert on Sunday 20 February! In the meantime, watch an excerpt from their concert recorded during our Pocket Edition on our youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8F-IohTWmQ Read More

ReMi taïko

9 January 2022
The group ReMi taïko, based in Geneva, makes you discover the Japanese culture with a concert of taïko, Japanese drums. The taiko are used for the matsuri, traditional Japanese festivals, where the inhabitants of the district or the village gather to celebrate together various important moments of the year. During this concert, the sound of the flute and drums will make you travel to Japan! This year they will be exceptionally accompanied by Mina Mermoud, a sanshin player who fell under the spell of traditional Okinawan music during a stay on the island in 2004. Since then, MINA has been playing sanshin, a traditional Okinawan lute, and singing folk songs... Read More


5 December 2021
When Stanley Kubrick meets Giorgio Moroder, the elements unleash the elements and make the planets tremble. The artist Scimia will be present during the 13th edition of Japan Impact to interpret japanese songs! Read More