Conference on calligraphy

8 February 2021
Want to learn Japanese calligraphy? Seisui Calligraphy will present this art at a conference! We are expecting many of you at the Japan Impact : Pocket Edition online event on February 20-21! Read More

Conference on japanese cuisine with Marutcha

10 February 2021
How is Japanese cuisine different from others? How to cook rice perfectly? What tea should I drink with a fish dish? Marutcha, a shop and tea-room in Lausanne specialized in Japanese green teas, offers you to understand the art of Japanese simplicity at mealtime during a conference during Japan-Impact: Pocket Edition at 1:45 pm in room 2! Read More

Conference on Rakugo — Cyril Coppini

3 February 2021
We are pleased to announce the presence of Cyril Coppini at Japan Impact: Pocket Edition!Cyril Coppini is an artist of Rakugo, a form of humorous Japanese literary show that dates back to the Edo period. The Rakugoka sits on the stage, the Koza, and tells a humorous story without ever leaving his traditional kneeling position.If you have seen Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, you already know these Japanese one-man shows and Mr. Coppini will be pleased to present this art at the event!Want to see a live show? Then connect to Japan Impact : Pocket Edition on February 20-21. Read More

Kamishibaï show

19 February 2021
Kamishibai are stories, tales, legends, daily chronicles and other made-up narratives, which were told by many street storytellers in Japan almost a century ago. They carried on their bicycles, a choice of these stories - series of illustrated plates as well as a butai - small wooden casket in which the images were slipped. The young spectators, faithful, flocked every day to come and listen to the rest of the episodes! For this Pocket edition, you will discover one of the traditional stories in Pocket format. Curl up on your sofa, your cushions and immerse yourself in the wonderfully illustrated Japanese tales told by Nathalie Jendly. See you on our... Read More

Workshop-conference about mangas and the profession of the mangaka – Katahira Yoshimi

17 February 2021
Want to discover more about the profession of Mangaka? Then you absolutely must not miss this workshop-conference, organized by the Japanese consulate in Geneva! Yoshimi Katahira, mangaka and illustrator based in Paris, will present her professional career as a manga artist in Japan and will explain the different stages of creating a manga. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a small workshop where you will learn some basic techniques essential to creating a manga, including how to draw your own original character. Finally, the workshop-conference will be followed by a Q&A session where you can ask all your questions about this fascinating profession. See you on Sunday... Read More