“Collection de l’Art Brut”, Lausanne

4 February 2019
Edward M. Gómez is an american journalist who knows well Japan, where he lived and goes back regularly. He will present a conference on japanese outsider and folk art as a product of Japan's pop culture. Examples will be taken out of the exposition « Art Brut du Japon, un autre regard », which you can discover at the "Collection de l'Art Brut"  until the 28th April.  Read More

“Cosplay Waste” Conference

6 February 2019
By Isabelle Jeudy What an evolution in the practice of cosplay these last ten years! Improvement of techniques, new materials, specialized shops ... Making your own costume is more accessible than ever. However, as in any development, the question of different environmental impacts is raised in parallel. How to optimize the use of materials and manage the waste produced? We will discuss some ideas to combine the pleasure of cosplay with a responsible practice.   Read More


4 February 2019
By Nathalie Jendly The Kamishibaïs (theaters of paper) constituted the first traveling series! Discover how, almost a century ago, thousands of children crowded the street corners of Japanese cities to listen to kamishibaya-san (street storytellers) who stopped their bicycle-kamishibai for thirty minutes and told the series of adventures of superheroes, daily chronicles and other stories invented! Conference on Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM More info: http://www.lasuisseraconte.ch/offre/espace-kamishibai/ Read More

Conference “mangaka’s work” by Yami Shin and Nicolas David

8 February 2019
Nicolas David was still a child when he first wanted to becom a mangaka. He could not resign himself to making Franco-Belgian comics as everyone advised him. After being one of Dara's assistants, he decided to try to do his own work with a scenario idea that already intermingled MeckaZ's lead wires. His experience of the French manga earned him the 6th place of the "tremplin manga" of Ki-oon and the 11th place of the contest "Silent Manga Audition". And the success does not stop there because another contest sent him to Japan to follow a masterclass of one week with two big names of the manga: Tsukasa Hojo and Tetsuo... Read More

Conference and degustation of sake

7 February 2019
Matthew Zellweger, a long-time specialist of Japan, graduate sommelier and author of a book on sake making will come to talk about this famous alcohol. During his conference, he will discuss about its production, its historical and cultural dimensions and will illustrate his presentation with pictures. A sake-tasting will follow his lecture. Read More

Conference on japanese traditions

4 February 2019
Mrs. Irène Vogel, SHS professor at the EPFL, will present a conference on japanese traditions. To make things more interesting, she'll take scenes out of the movie "My Neighbour Totoro" and will explain some cultural aspects such as the japanese bath, the buddhist altar, etc. She will also talk about the high-tech elements that are part of japanese houses. Read More

Cosplay and makeup transformations (behind the scenes, curiosities, tips and tricks)

9 February 2019
Have you always dreamed of playing one of your favorite heroes? To resemble him as closely as possible? Cosplay is a complete practice that has many aspects. One of them is makeup: indeed, it is essential to give even more the illusion of the character. And for these cosplay transformations, our guest, Manuel D'Andrea, is a real specialist! Thanks to him, discover all the secrets of cosplay makeup, behind the scenes and some tip and tricks in a conference that will be for all, cosplayer as a visitor, very informative. Read More


5 February 2019
It's no secret - Tenshirock is a big fan of Japan, to which he dedicates his private and professional life. Epicurean of the Japanese culture, he is going to share with you his experiences through a conference on popular culture in Japan. This conference will give you tips to find the most attractive but sometimes hidden corners of the geekerie in Japan. The GEEKIN'JAPAN conference will take you from Tokyo to Kobe via Osaka between the most famous places of popular culture to the most improbable ones. Read More

Live make-up – Manuel D’Andrea

7 February 2019
Manuel D'Andrea is our cosplay this year. From Italy, he's a specialist of "make-up transformations". During one hour, you'll learn how to cover professionally your eyebrows. If you're a cosplayer or just interested in make-up, don't miss this unique conference ! Read More

Olydri Editions’ conference

4 February 2019
Olydri is a french auto-edition structure created in 2011 around the universe of the web-series Noob and other home-made licence. It has then become bigger and bigger and is nowadays a well-known edition in France, Belgium, Quebec and Switzerland.    Olydri is an multi-supports edition active in web-series, novels, comics, encyclopedias, art-books and light novels. They also tried the manga industry through series like Sentai School or MeckaZ.  Olydri will come to explain the backgrounds of an edition firm. The conference will be animated by Nicolas David, mangaka of MeckaZ, and Nostariat, Sin, Tenshirock and Saralzar, Noob actors. Don't miss out this chance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Noob web-series ! Read More