All-day activities

During Japan Impact, a lot off rooms offer all-day activities in which you can take part ! You can go there at any time of the day to make a pause and enjoy the activity.

Rallye “A Bowl of Japan”

28 December 2021
The Rallye and its hunt for "SUTANPU" (stamps) is back at Japan Impact 2022! Search for the 8 unpublished sutanpu throughout the convention, learn delicious information about Japanese food, and challenge our questions to try to win the grand prize! Proudly show off your completed stamp sheet at the Japan Impact booth and you will receive a limited edition goodie in exchange!Need to rest? The Rai Room will allow children to colour their card and to make a little craft under the watchful eye of their companions ~Don't hesitate to go to the Goodies booth of Japan Impact to participate! It's free and for the whole family!(photo: Rally of the... Read More