As for the previous editions, we have the chance to welcome several distinguished guests for Japan Impact. This page will frequently be updated as our guests are announced.

Aluota Cosplay

6 June 2022
Aluota has been a cosplayer for nearly 15 years. In 2017 she represented France at the "World Cosplay Summit" world championship in Japan, where she won the best costume award. She participates in cosplay shows, performs solo and in groups during contests, leads conferences, and has been a juror in France, Germany and Canada. She loves to create her costumes and accessories with passion, and to go into the smallest details in order to embody various characters from anime, movies, or video games. But what she loves most of all is creating performances, imagining a staging, conceiving dialogues, and going on stage in front of an audience! Conference in room... Read More

Yami Shin

4 August 2022
[Invité] This year, Japan Impact is pleased to welcome Yami Shin, a Swiss illustrator and mangaka! After winning the first Ki-oon springboard, she published her first work called "Green Mechanic", whose 7th volume was released a few weeks ago! Her manga takes the readers in a post-apocalyptic world, where Misha, a young telepath and Reborn, a morphing robot lead the story full of fights, suspense and even romance. Yami Shin has a great workshop-conference about the mangaka's job on Sunday August 21st and signing sessions will be organized, thanks to our partner Melectronics, during the two days of Japan Impact! Read More


4 August 2022
[Invité] YATUU is a comic book author since 2011. She has published 7 albums that speak with humor about societal facts that she needed to denounce. In 2018, she launched in self-publishing with her new comic Erika and the princes in distress": a warrior princess who saves princes in danger in a world dominated by women! The genders are reversed, no more helpless damsels, make way for strong and courageous women! Thanks to the support of many readers on both Ulule and Tipeee, the first two volumes have been released, accumulating nearly 8000 pre-orders, and volume 3 is in preparation! Yatuu, our second guest associated with Melectronics, will be giving... Read More