Martial Arts

Aïkido (Budokan)

8 February 2019
More than a non-violent fighting art, Aikido is a budo - a way of life - derived from the principles of the martial arts. It was founded by Morihei Ueshiba-sensei who, after long years of study of samurai fighting techniques and philosophies Omoto kyo and Koshinto, developed his own art of self-defense and refined it to make it incredibly effective. The name Aikido is composed of three parts: ai - meaning harmony, unity or agreement, ki - meaning nature or universal energy, and do - meaning the way. The demonstration will take place on the Matsuri stage and the initiation in the Meiji room.   Read More


8 February 2019
The Iaido, created by Muso Shinden Ryu and Ryushin Shouchi Ryu, is the art of taking out his sword from his sheath and simultaneously creating a cut. In this modern practice of the sword, one seeks simplicity, elegance and power in the movement of the sword and the body. The practice of Iaido should be complemented by the work of Kenjutsu, a study that is close to fencing but is done without protection in this school. Demonstrations will be on the Matsuri stage and initiations in the Meiji Room. Read More

Kenjutsu & Batto-jutsu

8 February 2019
The Wa Rei Ryu is a school of martial arts and a cultural association present in Europe for over 30 years. Its purpose is to promote the discipline of kenjutsu and batto-jutsu. The latter is perhaps one of the most emblematic of the figure of samurai, since it focuses around the sword, whether it is the katana, the bokken (= wooden sword), the kodachi / wakizashi (= short sword) or the tanto (= dagger). Through these disciplines is also promoted a path of growth and personal uncompetitive development. Demonstrations will take place on the Matsuri stage and initiations in the Meiji Room.   Read More


8 February 2019
The term Kobudô covers all weapon practices associated with Japanese martial arts. There are dozens of different weapons : the Bô (long stick), the Sai (metal tridents), the Tunkuwa (or Tonfa), the Nunchaku (flail with 2 wooden branches), the Jo (short stick), etc. Very similar to karate, if not the use of weapons, it shares with him positions, exercises, etc. As Grandmaster Chinen said: "Adding to Karate weapons training is like eating with your hands and learning to use chopsticks"   Read More

Stunts and scenic martial arts (action fight)

8 February 2019
During this demonstration, a wide variety of surprises awaits you! You will be able to learn film stunts as well as the art of body illusion. Falls, strikes of all kinds (slaps, kicks, etc ...) will help create impressive clashes, worthy of the greatest action movies. Finally, techniques with firearms or knives will also be tackled. Demonstrations will be performed on the Matsuri stage and initiations in the Meiji Room. Read More