Concerts 2019

Japan Impact 2019 : Concerts

Like always, you’ll be able to enjoy various concerts during Japan Impact with very different styles but all linked to Japan. This page will update as we announce our guests. 


Matsuri scene, schedule to be defined

Riuchi is a modern artist who mixes traditional music, light shows and new technologies. The show combines the styles of various Asian art forms. Riuchi manipulates and bends the Art of Light in order to create an imaginary realm where the child-like spirit believes in endless possibilities. This poignant story unfolds through the skilled movements of the artist combined with groundbreaking technology. The performance is a non-narrative atmospheric show suitable for people of all ages.

Riuchi will have many shows during the week-end to please a maximum of our visitors. If you want to check his work, please go here.



Matsuri scene, schedule to be defined

Hailing out of Osaka, Japan – with over a million online views on their hit song ‘Te No Hira De Odoru’ – Sokoninaru are well on their way to conquer the world of experimental rock music. Having cut their teeth touring Japan and Taiwan in recent years, they are about to embark on their first major tour of Europe.

Their dynamic blend of male and female vocals, driven by thrashing progressive rock with a hint of metal, punk and hardcore has helped them gain worldwide praise from critics and fans alike. After selling out several venues in Japan, they now hope their unique and powerful style will mimic that success in Europe. Don’t miss out this heavy formation, one of Osaka’s brightest young hopes !


ReMi Taïko

Matsuri scene, schedule to be defined

The group ReMi taïko, based in Geneva and Prilly, will make you discover the Japanese culture with a taïko concert aka the Japanese drums. The taïko are used for popular Japanese festivals, where inhabitants of the district or the village join together to celebrate the important moments of the year. During this concert, the sound of flute and drums will make you travel to Japan !



Matsuri  scene, horaire à définir

Yozakura is a french-japanese group specialised in the “Minyo” music. Describing the everyday scenes of the different japanese regions, this kind of music is popular and cheerful and is often played during the matsuri, the japanese traditional celebrations. 

With their instruments and voices, Yozakura will take you for a journey to a true japanese celebration. They’ll also be giving an initiation to traditional dancing during the weekend. 

To check their work, we invite you to clock on this link.