Conference “mangaka’s work” by Yami Shin and Nicolas David

Saturday,17:00 - 18:00 at Sakura

Nicolas David was still a child when he first wanted to becom a mangaka. He could not resign himself to making Franco-Belgian comics as everyone advised him. After being one of Dara’s assistants, he decided to try to do his own work with a scenario idea that already intermingled MeckaZ’s lead wires. His experience of the French manga earned him the 6th place of the “tremplin manga” of Ki-oon and the 11th place of the contest “Silent Manga Audition”. And the success does not stop there because another contest sent him to Japan to follow a masterclass of one week with two big names of the manga: Tsukasa Hojo and Tetsuo Hara! Writer and draftsman of a sports shônen in which the national sport is played behind metal armor, we recognize in his manga “MeckaZ”, published by Olydri, a very Japanese graphic style and atmosphere.

Yami Shin has already been at Japan Impact for years with her fanzine booth “Rainbow Toast” which attracts the public eye every edition. At 20, she decided to start fanzine and webcomic, where she met with great success. Very talented designer, she has been sharpening her line for many years. In 2015 she entered Ki-oon’s “manga tremplin” contest, which she brilliantly won with her story “Revenge Reborn! “. She thus won a publishing contract and began her mangaka adventure at Ki-oon. From this collaboration was born in 2017 her manga “Green Mechanic”, making Yami Shin the first Swiss author to publish her manga on a large scale.

Nicolas David and Yami Shin, our two manga guests of this 11th edition, with their history, their experience and their motivation, will tell you about their mangaka profession through a conference. Do not hesitate to come and ask all your questions and listen to their anecdote about their unusual journey in the French manga!

8 February 2019