Cosplay Japan Impact 2017

Individual and Group contests

Cosplay is the art of dressing up as a character from a manga, video game, comic, etc. Each year, it’s one of the strongest moments in the convention.

Similar to last year, two contests will be organized during the weekend : an individual contest on Saturday and a Group contest on Sunday.

This year, our cosplayers will have the honor of performing on the stage of the Beaulieu theatre ! Our visitors will also enjoy this place for its beauty and space. Our contests will take place on Saturday at 2 PM (Individual) and on Sunday at 1:15 PM (Group).

Cosplay contests are sponsored by our partner: Nintendo.

Registration and prices for 2017

Registrations for the 2017 cosplay contests are now closed

Due to their success last year, we’ve decided to once again offer two return plane tickets to Japan as first price ! This price is reserved for cosplayers living or commuting to Switzerland and members of the Swiss cosplay family. Foreign cosplayers will be able to win other awards.