Cosplay contest

Saturday,13:00 - 15:00 at Rolex
Sunday,13:00 - 15:00 at Rolex

Every year cosplay is an essential part of Japan Impact! Come and enjoy our various contests and admire the talents of all our participants who spend many hours to build the best costume and performance just to entertain you.

Individual contest

The individual contest takes place on Saturday. The participants are alone on stage and try to share their passion for a character with you during a performance.

Group contest

The group contest takes place on Sunday. The participants are several on stage and recreate the atmosphere of an anime, a franchise, a film, and so on.

Ranking and Selections

For each competition, a podium is performed by an experienced jury of independent cosplayers. The classification is based 50% on the costume (technical difficulty, choice of materials, quality of finishes, resemblance, final rendering, …) and 50% on the performance (mobility, audacity, roleplay, originality, …).

In addition to this ranking, a special jury made up of members of the organization Japan Impact will give a special Japan Impact prize during the individual competition to the cosplayer who will take their heart away.

Finally, several selections are held for international competitions:

  • Eurocosplay: this is a European competition whose final is usually held in October at the MCM Comic Con London. An individual co-player will be selected to represent Switzerland. The 2020 Contest Rules are not yet available, but you can find the 2019 Rules here.
  • The Clara Cows Cosplay Cup (C4): this is an international competition whose final takes place at the Animecon in the Netherlands. The dates of the event in 2020 remain to be confirmed. A duo will be selected to represent Switzerland. The rules can be found here.
  • Deto Crown Cosplay (DCC): this is a new international competition whose final will take place at Destination Tokyo 2020 in Sion. An individual cosplayer and a duo will be selected to participate. You can find the rules here.


The contest is sponsored by several partners, whom we would like to thank warmly:

  • Bernina: the famous Swiss brand of sewing machines will offer the winner of the individual competition a professional sewing machine. Another machine will also be offered to the winner of the Japan Impact Special Prize.
  • Arda Wigs: this wig shop and other accessories will offer many discounts for its online shop.
  • Mamike.ch: Mamike has been sponsoring the contest for many years. They will offer goodies bags, vouchers for their online store and Worbla plates. The winner of the solo contest will also win 1 year sponsorship for a total value of 600.- CHF.
  • The Leather Colony: this leather shop will offer vouchers to be sold in their shop or for one of the formations they offer.
  • La Maison Rouge: this haberdashery offering a wide range of fabrics will offer vouchers to sell in their shop in Savigny.


1st place solo: a Bernina 485 sewing machine worth CHF 2,295 and a voucher on the Arda Wigs online shop worth CHF 50.

2nd place solo: a 150 CHF voucher at Leather Colony and a 30 CHF voucher at the Arda Wigs online shop.

3rd place solo: a mamike.ch goodies bag worth CHF 75 and a CHF 20 voucher Arda Wigs online shop.

Japan Impact organization’s crush: this special prize is given by members of the festival organization to their favourite solo performance. They will be awarded a Bernina 325 machine worth CHF 1,095.

Sponsoring mamike.ch: once again this year, mamike.ch will offer one of the participants in the solo cosplay competition a one-year sponsorship contract. During this year, the cosplayer will receive up to CHF 600.00 in mamike.ch products and will be able to benefit from valuable advice on how to handle various materials.

1st place group: a CHF 100 voucher at Arda Wigs, a CHF 50 voucher at mamike.ch as well as a Worbla© XL plaque and a CHF 50 voucher at Leather colony.

2nd place group: a 60 CHF voucher from Arda Wigs and a 40 CHF voucher from mamike.ch as well as a Worbla© L plaque.

3rd place group: a CHF 40 voucher from Arda Wigs and a CHF 20 voucher from mamike.ch as well as a Worbla© M plaque.


Before proceeding with registration, you must read the regulations here. Any registration that is incomplete or that contravenes the regulations will simply be ignored.

Registrations are open and will close on January 23 at 11:59 pm. No registrations will be taken beyond this date.

To register, please click on link below, download the file and send it to [email protected] Attention : you must send the file in .doc or .odt otherwise your registration won’t be taken into account

6 January 2020