Eizōken ni wa Te o Dasu na!

If you spend to much time to find animes instead of watching them : We are HERE to help you ! From now, The comittee PolyJapan will publish animes reviews !

This week, it’s the turn of : Eizoken ni wa Te o Dasuna!

Link towards the Official Crunchyroll Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqxMbMAKDRc


Eizouken is an anime overflowing with imagination, it may even be too much for some. That said, The series invites us to travel through the minds of young high school anime enthusiasts and it’s a success! The characters are well built and each of them bring something unique to the anime. I particularly loved Kanamori who with her welcoming humor due to her materialism, brings a stark contrast to the other main characters as she is far from being the dreamer they are. Even with certain transitions being somewhat unclear, Eizouken remains a very good anime to discover and enjoy.


Eizouken is the story of three young girls who decide to start a club to create anime in their atypical highschool . We are accompanied by Asukasa, a lunatic director, Kanamori, an unsympathetic manager and Muzusaki, a bubbly animator. Through their imagination and their creations, Eizouken creates a beautiful art piece and has an Original OST to tie everything to the girls. The humor is extremely present and sets the the pace each episode, without counting the opening which will never leave your head after listening to it and will make you dance wildly. Oh Does feel it great to see an anime that shows us the basics of paper animation and that portrays highschoolers addicted to their passion without moe or sexualisation!


Eizouken is a must watch anime especially during the confinement ! It reminds us of our childhood and our dreams of memorable adventures… The characters are appealing due to their atypical and different personality. The music entranced us but must be skipped if you are epileptic. Which is a shame if you ask me. The transitions between their imagination and reality aren’t marked enough, which will at times make you wonder what universe you are in.

8 May 2020