Fanzines and Young Creators 2018

Japan Impact 2018: Fanzines and Young creators

Japan Impact puts together an area for Fanzines and Young Creators. This category of stand tends to promote amateur artists and craftsmen passionate about an aspect or another of the Japanese culture. It will also allow visitors to discover products that are not only unique, but often original.

While some create atypical and surprisingly made – with great craftsmanship! – goodies from your favorite series, other will show you typical Japanese craft technics to make pure and meaningful creations.

Walk away from this little corner where creativity and talent rule as one, charmed from a gift you wouldn’t have thought of before coming in.

A_Nonyme Art

DeviantArt, Facebook

Self-taught artist passionate about video games and fantastical universes, A_Nonyme Art loves to diversify and use multiple supports for her drawings, like traditional or digital support, but also a more original one : pyrography.

She mostly draws feminine characters and offers fan-arts from various video games, such as “gender-bender” ones. She also offers original drawings, evolving mostly around fantastical universes.


Alberto Sting Russo

Facebook, Site

Selling original and digital posters, and drawing live with acrylic paint.


Anna Karen

Facebook, Site

As a painter and artist, the universe of Anna Karen oscillates between traditional and Japanese pop culture, more precisely retro-gaming. Discover her original canvas but also printed reproduction and her artbook.



Facebook, Site

Baobaolen is an online shop proposing multiple type of stuffed animals, all as cute as it gets. All of these are hand crocheted and inspired from a few models.



Facebook, Site

Blind is a dystopian webcomic project which second volume will air for Japan Impact. This comic talks about various subjects, such as standard, habits and genre, set in a society parallel to ours. You will find its usual goodies, such as badges and cards!


Caly & Chisa


Caly & Chisa is a duet of two artists coming to make you discover a cute, colourful and magical universe! Between illustrations, goodies and some live-made drawings, we have a lot to except from them !



DeviantArt, Facebook, ArtStation

Dedorgoth’s universe is filled with troubling creatures, fascinating naïades and heady colours. The artist behind this world, Julien Cordebar, communicates his passion through cards, posters or giant posters. Don’t leave Japan Impact without a copy of it !

Cordeb’Art will also give drawing lessons during Japan Impact, you can find the description here and the planning there.


Diane Georges

DeviantArt, Facebook, Site

Young illustrator, inspired by fantasy, science fiction, Japan and primitive cultures, Diane Georges is a touch all artist who likes to experiment new topics and supports. From historical realism to pure imagination, every challenge is to be taken.


Doudou Fantasy


Young touch all creatrice, Doudou Fantasy is interested in creating small pieces of jewelry, small stuffed animals, drawings and cosplaying. She loves to create, and has had fun with her little creations for more than two years now.

She hopes you will like them and that you will find something beautiful between the different worlds inspiring her: video games, animation movies and simply enough, her imagination.



DeviantArt, Facebook

Dragibuz is an artist from Lyon which is specialized in animal drawing. She will be proposing some colorful live drawings made with promarkers (animals, chibis), and you can find her illustrations as posters, paintings, prints, cards, badges, charms, stickers, pins and magnets.



DeviantArt, Facebook, Site

Eternal-S is a French artist and she has been participating for years in Japan Impact. You will find there her drawings as posters and goodies. She will also draw what you ask of her on site!



Facebook, ArtStation

FunnyScared is a stand filled from universes crazier than each other. For her, the more it gets weird, the better it becomes! She would like to share these universes, and to discover new ones, with you.

Cartoons, mangas, video games, she tries everything and every style and hopes you will be touched by them too !




Pixel-arts entirely handmade with iron-ready pearls, mostly representing video games.


Kanpeki trash

Tumblr, Site

Born from the partnership of two illustrators – respectively Atsukié R. and Kyuutan – you will be able to find the products stemming from their collaboration. Kanpeki Trash, the OTP sketchbook… They will also present the product from their personal projects, in the form of comics, posters, cards, keychains and other various goodies.



Facebook, Site

Come and dream with Kudnalla through her starry sky paintings! She only works with traditional techniques and will present to you her unusual work! Aquarelle, felt-tip pens, drawing and especially acrylic paint! Rediscover classical arts through this geek and otaku culture that resemble us!


Kura’Crea et Renaardeau

DeviantArt, Facebook

This stand will be consisting of two artists, Kura’Crea who makes Pokemon diorama as well as jewellery, and Renaardeau who specialized in making mainly Pokemon-themed aquarelles.


Le Patchi

DeviantArt, Facebook, Site

Le Patchi likes to draw about themes she has a passion for and that make her everyday life less boring. It is therefore with great pleasure that she creates and shares with you drawings of your favorite video games and manga characters!


L’Ecaille d’Argent

Facebook, Site

L’Ecaille d’Argent offers creations of jewellery, accessories and dragon scale armors.



Facebook, Tumblr

When she isn’t busy with trying to conquer the world or waiting for a train to a witchcraft school, M0nogram comes out of her cave to draw during conventions. She essentially fills in her notebook with characters and magical creatures of all kinds and then uses unicorn farts to put colors in her inkwell. Absolutely.



Facebook, Jimdo (Megu), Jimdo (ELK)

Matryoshka is an artistic collective formed by ELK and Megu. Come and discover their colorful and dream-like worlds, in the form of cards, posters and tie-in products, as well as uncommon stories available in comics, one shots and sketchbooks.


Méko – Studio Tanuki

DeviantArt, Facebook

Illustrator animator and creator of Bunny Maloney, discover one of the initiators of Studio Tanuki, maker of artistic content and pop culture influenced by manga since the 90s. Having made many posters for specialised fairs, it is the artist chosen to conceive the one for Japan Impact in 2014.



Facebook, Etsy

Young creator from Auvergne, passionate about feathers and illustrations. Rooted in a fantasy, victorian, steampunk world with an asian touch. Aquarelle illustrator with a brand new field of activity : tattoo artist. Calamière (creation of writing nibs in the “traditional way”), making of earrings and other jewellery with natural feathers, produce of birds moulting, and creation of decorative objects and made-to-order accessories.



Facebook, Tumblr

Graphic designer based in Saint-Etienne, Duc Tran develops in parallel of his profession an illustration project named MU. Working in black with rotring pen and Indian ink, he offers a visual contemplative and dreamlike world where ethnic groups, enchanted creatures and hybrid monsters coexist. Inspired by dance, fashion, tattoo, photography, cinema and various artists, his work is the expression of his cultural diversity.

MU is an ode to travelling through images. He sells reproductions of his illustrations.




Naemychan is a freelance artist creating singular drawings and fanart in a colorful and fantastic way.



Facebook, Site

Petit-Goupil is a Swiss cartoonist illustrator passionate about Japan, and currently working on several comics and books about it.

You will find on her stand her illustrations inspired by nature, myths and legends from North Japan and Europe, her comics telling about risks of everyday life and various fanzines of sometimes strange humor, as well as travel anecdotes in Japan.



DeviantArt, Facebook, Site

Poncho is a Franco-Swiss author and a sombrero wearing enthusiast. She’s been working for many years as an independent artist for various translators and publishing houses. She’s really passionate about book models and this year she wants to present a nice project: she co-wrote with her author friend “Petite Pomme” a novel inspired by their common trip to Japan and called “Meeting at the rising Sun”.


Rainbow Toast

DeviantArt, Facebook, Site

Created in 2009, Rainbow Toast is an association of friends that wanted to try and taste the Fanzine adventure: Aox, who has a realistic style, June with its comic style, and Yami Shin whose passion is manga. They will love to share with you their varied and colourful universes through diverse goodies such as prints, posters, and even more!


Ryann’s World


Artistic director and 2D animator by day, illustrator and concept artist by night, Ryann’s World likes to revisit pop culture’s icones with design and an abstract touch. You will find posters and stickers at his stand, and will be able to ask him to draw for you, on paper or on a computer.




Discover the creations of the woodburner of the Kwak! They make for every tastes, like mangas or video games, and they will be something to meet the eye! So do not hesitate to go by their stand and say hello!


Studio Haru

DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram

Studio Haru is a little trio of drawers, Asura, Sako and Sey, who have been drawing together for 10 years. They will offer you 3 different styles of drawings and even collaborations, all inspired by Asian culture.

Discover their original mangas, and go home with your chibi-portrait. You will find their stand once more at Japan Impact.




SweetsYou was born in 2010 from the love for pastry, mode and Japan. The first “gourmet” collection, created for the fans of sweetness, is declined through cakes, macarons, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, assorted as mode accessories. In addition to this collection, you will also find the “fan art Ghibli” edition, specially designed for the 10th edition of Japan Impact.