Fanzines / Young Creators

On this page, you will find all the fanzine artists and young creators who will have a booth during Japan Impact 2020.



Agathe Gastaldi


Agathe Gastaldi draws animals, scientific posters (presenting different species or varieties of fauna or flora) on the theme of Japan, all in a cartoon style and colorful. Her illustrations are sold as originals on demand, posters, postcards and bookmarks.




Alpacollection is an online shop specializing in lamas, run by Poncho, a French-Swiss artist who follows the zero-waste movement and who works hard to offer good stories (comics, stories, novels…) and creations in accordance with her ethical and ecological values. Author of numerous books, Poncho has recently illustrated a discovery novel about Tokyo entitled “Rendez-vous au soleil couchant” which she will present at Japan Impact, alongside other solo and collective works.



Anna Karen


Anna Karen’s artistic universe oscillates between traditional Japan and pop-culture. She is particularly interested in the concept-art of video game sets, but also in characters. You will find on her booth handmade paintings, but also printed posters, both of her original creations and fanarts.



Atelier Fantastique


They say armor doesn’t make a hero… bullshit! The future belongs to those who get up early to don their armor! Fantastic medieval costumes and fantastic medieval accessories made entirely by hand in the workshop are waiting for you to lead your own adventures.



Atoupik & Comicsbyrm


Two sleep-deprived artists gathered on a stand to offer comic book fan art, fantasy and beautiful muscular women. They have the pleasure to bring their personal universe in addition to varied fan art. Posters, stickers, badges and original drawings – made on the spot and on commission on several supports including small paintings – as well as personalized supplies and original Indian ink drawings.





Marjolaine (BAB) likes cats, cold chocolate, strange, and jokes with questionable taste. You will therefore find on her booth various curious elements with a universe particularly inspired by animation, and sometimes with dubious humour.



Bakanal / Sophingers


Bakanal/Sophingers sells original products that she creates and designs. Prints, stickers, badges, charms, original drawings, there is everything! She particularly likes how the holo fabric look like and gold materials, which she tries to highlight on different products. (・ω・)





Baobaolen takes you on a journey into his cute world with his entirely hand-hooked cuddly toys.



Chez johnson


Welcome to Johnson’s young traveler shop, a turtle. Here you’ll find lots of cool stuff like posters, key chains and lots of other things about his world, but you’re not safe from finding relics from famous manga’s like Berserk for example. All these objects are made with love. He would offer you a cookie, but he ate them all.



Chez Noyer


“Chez Noyer” is Japanese and paints Japanese art. She also designs origami accessories, made of resin, with walnut shells and acorns. She has been participating regularly in craft markets in the Lake Leman area for the past year and is very happy to use her Japanese know-how to create objects that appeal to a varied public.



Clair de Lou


Clair de Lou is the fruit of the association of two illustrators, Claire Delépée and Marylou Deserson. A fantastic, Asian, dreamlike and feminist universe, Clair de Lou offers original creations. Our creations are available on multiple supports: stickers, postcards, A4 reproductions. They also offer their originals for sale, as well as numbered limited edition prints.



D. Fantasy Creations


She’s always liked to tinker. From pottery, through drawing and home crafts to cosplay, she finally met polymer clay one day through videos of talented creators. She also started to create small objects, then jewellery and she started to create some decorations. You may sometimes come across small cuddly toys among her creations. Inspired mainly by the geek and Ghibli universe, she also ventures into a new field: treats. Drop by and say hello!



Diane Georges & Co


From space in Japan, from dragons to demons, Diane imagines, draws, creates. Since she was a little girl, this has been her dream: to make dragons real. That’s why she wanted to become a geneticist, then she turned to illustration and concept art. And today, every day, she lives her dream. Every day, she makes the unreal real. Accompanied by other artists, who each in their own way, make the impossible possible, she realizes and shares her universe of watercolor and paper.



Dragons, Sweets and Plants


Small group of Swiss artists, moving from traditional to digital art and from fantasy to pop culture. “Dragons, Sweets and Plants” proposes to share with you their passion for drawing. Their works are drawn from their own universe or inspired by popular works.





Welcome to Eleven’s booth! Eleven is a young couple of Swiss artists, mangaka and amateur illustrators. Passionate about Japan, they will be happy to welcome you with the creation of an illustration on graphic tablet as well as the realization of a manga board. You will also find posters, bookmarks, pins and other goodies of your favorite characters as well as their original creations. Come and see them all!





Welcome to the enchanting world of Ella, a little star who loves fantasy. She looks forward to helping you discover her passions through her little creations. If you are looking for a pretty harmonious bracelet, a necklace full of softness or a bookmark that will make you travel to the heart of your books, you have come to the right place! Be transported with her among the stars, and maybe you will find your happiness in her magical universe. “Follow your dreams, they know the way”





Booth mixing creations from the folklore and traditions of Japan but also from its own universe!





Eternal-S sells its illustrations as posters, key rings and artbooks! You can also find some original t-shirts!



Fantasy Aquarelle


Valérie Surchat is an amateur artist from Fribourg who travels the conventions between Switzerland and France. She is a big fan of pop culture, cartoons and manga. She is inspired primarily by the animal world and fantasy characters. At the artist’s booth, you can buy watercolours and various goodies such as key rings, badges, bookmarks, and so on.



Funny scared


Come and immerse yourself in a world overflowing with colors, top hats and big bad guys! FunnyScared is passionate about Coffee, Cartoons and everything that comes close to Villains in fiction! She will mainly present original works in the form of cards, posters, badges and key chains, but also universes of films and series that make her dream!





Fantastic, Art Nouveau, frills and decorations of all kinds, in the form of comics, artbooks and illustrations!





Little Swiss artist who loves a little too much Dragon Age and coffee, June draws mainly by passion next to her work. Active member of the collective “Rainbow Toast” alongside Yami Shin, she decides this year to fly on her own wings with her own universe. She regroups her illustrations in small sketch books, applying herself particularly to the moods of her illustrations.





Graphic designer by profession, fan of pop-culture & Japan, Keynok is a self-taught artist who illustrates what goes through his head. You will find, at his booth, illustrations, original drawings & various goodies. And if you have a request for a personalized drawing, don’t hesitate to ask him! ( ・ω・)ノ.



Kimiyo Japon


Kimiyo is a Japanese designer who lives in Lausanne. She makes different types of handbags, pouches, backpacks, accessories, with kimono and Japanese fabrics. She does this work with care and with all her heart. She would like people all over the world to fully enjoy the wonders of Japan with traditional Japanese kimonos and fabrics. Through her work she wants to speak to the world. She hopes that everyone will be happy with her work and continue to make works with her wishes according to her inspiration.





In 2012 it was hooked on the hook! What she likes the most is to see the evolution between the ball and the final result. One of the crochet techniques she likes is called amigurumi (あみぐるみ). This variant comes from Japan and literally means knitted or crocheted plush. On her booth she offers headbands, jewellery, everyday and original objects and amigurumi.





A traditional painter, she does not use digital technology but offers, in addition to her prints, paintings on canvas, in several formats, without stencils or bombs, freehand. This allows to have unique pieces, accessible to all. We know her especially for her shadows and starry skies.





Kura’Crea has been present at Japan Impact for several editions with its Pokémon dioramas. Every year she enlarges her range with other creations: steampunk, bottle pendants, lanterns and this time she launches into the creation of resin jewellery of mainly Asian and Western inspirations.





Lama.Studio is a cosplay photographer since 2015. Through her photographs, she likes to create stories through careful layout and mood work. She has realized several projects abroad, as well as collaborative and solo photo books. Come and meet her at her booth to discuss and discover her various works in the form of photo books and prints!



Le Patchi


Swiss illustrator fan of video games and Japanese culture. When she’s not working and not geeking, she draws everything that comes to her mind and has fun drawing all the characters she likes. Then, she prints the illustrations that satisfy her and sells them on her booth. When the crowds are a little quieter and there is demand, she likes to do a few portraits live.





Young illustrator and tattoo artist passionate about Japan, manga and Japanese creatures! You will find a large choice of fanarts, original drawings but also traditional drawings! He also offers custom designs, whether it’s your favorite character, your totem animal, or a custom tattoo design! Its universe is very turned towards animals and nature.





Matryoshka is a duo of artists composed of ELK and megu. Come and discover their colorful and dreamlike universe during the whole festival! You will find on their booth: posters, cards, bookmarks, stickers, comics and artbooks, but also badges and keychains with your favorite characters from series/mangas!





A freelance artist who has just finished her studies, May likes to share her vision of the world through her drawings, through SF, fantasy and everyday life.





Minweln lives in Switzerland on Lake Leman. She loves to draw cute girls, plants and animals. She has been a fan of Japan since her teenage years and can’t wait to go there one day. She sells various prints of her illustrations as well as notebooks, postcards and personalized coasters. She takes orders and is always ready to chat!



Monica Delgado


Self-taught illustrator and graphic designer based in Switzerland, Monica has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She works with ink but also on photoshop and combines digital painting and traditional drawing. Discover her universe and her stand where cards, bookmarks, small framed paintings and other goodies will be presented!



Naemy Chan


Naemy Chan is a young artist who practices as much digital painting as she does watercolour. Her original illustrations let her imagination speak for itself as well as her attachment to Japanese culture. A fervent fan of cartoons and other animations, she is keen to share her artistic adaptations of pop culture.





Nogi is a 22 year old artist who makes creations with traditional Chinese ink on the theme of Japanese culture and pop culture. She will offer original drawings painted with traditional Chinese ink and hand painted as well as posters and art books of her creations.



Offblaster et Machina-su


Their stand will be shared by two illustrators with the same interest in yaoi: Machina Su offers a colourful and naughty universe, where assumed eroticism is made for fun. Sometimes explicit and sometimes modest, her style is minimalist and solid in the line. The OFFBLASTER booth, focused on M/M relationships, will offer illustrations and other goodies inspired by manga and video games as well as original characters.



Origami Deco


Origami is a traditional Japanese art based on paper or a combination of several sheets of paper. From simple to complex, come for an introduction to Origami that includes different faces depending on the color, size and material. Works include decorations, greeting cards and accessories. Her work can be found on the following website: Origami Deco



Phacélie Origami


Come and discover her jewelry and poetic and refined creations in origami. Phacelia has always had a passion for Japan, origami and Japanese paper, which are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Phacelia. She uses exclusively traditional Japanese washi paper. This art paper, made from mulberry tree fibres, is known for its resistance, its flexibility and the intensity of its colours. Each creation is unique and full of delicacy. She also makes garlands, mobiles, bookmarks, and so on.





Illustrator passionate about Japan, you will find on her stand a sweet and cute universe, original characters often inspired by Japanese culture, sometimes rather fantastic and sometimes fanart from various anime/mangas. Goodies, prints, charms, stickers will also be proposed.



Tatty draws


A young student in a school of applied arts, she sometimes gets away from it all and makes more artistic drawings. She has a very colourful universe that she will take great pleasure in showing you!





She has always been drawing and has learned to express herself through different media by following an interactive media designer training at Eikon. Passionate about illustration, it is with her watercolor or graphic tablet that she gives life to all kinds of animals and creatures. Nature and animals are her main source of inspiration, as well as the fantasy world and everything that surrounds her.





Toki is a Swiss freelance illustrator. Her world is colourful and inspired by Japanese culture. Her creations are available in different forms: posters, bags, pins, stickers and more!