Fanzines / Young Creators 2019

On this page, you will find all the fanzine artists and young creators who will have a booth during Japan Impact 2019.

Atoupik & Careamorran


We are two independent artists who want to share our love of beautiful women. We propose fanart (Steven Universe, Voltron, various comics) in the form of posters / badges / stickers but also original drawings of our own characters and universe. There will also be opportunity to place orders on site either in traditional ink or digital printed on site using a small portable printer.




Inspired by Japanese mythology, Bab creates entirely original creations, and micro-edits small works with questionable humor but relatively hilarious.



Baobaolen takes you to his cute world with his various stuffed toys entirely hand-crocheted.


Charline Saucy

Charline is an artist residing in Switzerland whose works are most often populated by sometimes strange animals and ethereal female figures. Loving to paint digitally as well as with other more traditional techniques such as oil, she will present mainly original works, impressions in the form of posters and cards as well as some small objects coming  from her creations.


Chez johnson

Welcome to johnson’s! I am a turtle stuffed animal and I am magical. I come to your world to sell some trinkets that I make myself. In my little shop you will find posters, postcards, unique drawings with colored pencils made on the spot, stickers, bookmarks and also very swaggy keychains for you to show off in the evening. So, you will not find a fanart of the last anime out in my shop but you will discover rather a universe joyful and out of the ordinary. Johnson




Full-time student, artist in her spare time, Chisa is also interested in photography and napping _ (: 3 」Between illustrations, goodies and some drawings done on the spot, it is with impatience that we are waiting for your visit !

Diane Georges

Illustrator, handyman and great dreamer, Diane Georges walks in distant galaxies or poetic imaginary worlds. Watercolor, acrylic and other traditional techniques change into postcards, bookmarks, card games, game master screens and other objects of wood or paper to form a unique world and often stitched with stars.


Welcome to my enchanting world! I’m Ella, a little star who loves fantasy and magic, and I can not wait to let you discover my passions through my little creations. If you are looking for a nice harmonious bracelet, a necklace full of sweetness or a bookmark that will make you travel in the heart of your books, you are in the right place! Be carried with me among the stars, and I hope that you will find your happiness in my magical world. ”Follow your dreams, they know the way ”


Illustrator fan of Japan’s cuteness folklore, I seek to retransmit this heteroclism and this all-Japanese sensibility through my works.




Geek’n’Art will offer pixel-art beads, 100% handmade. All pieces represent different worlds such as video games, manga, pop culture, … But beware, with me, pixel-art does not rhyme with classic. On the contrary, you find keychains, potted plants, hair clips, and other original shapes. A treat for the youngest and the oldest!



I will present prints and goodies on my stand with my illustrations, but also my works (comics in self-publishing, sketchbooks, but also role plays I illustrated) and also originals. Here is a small link to my site to give an idea of ​​my work: www.jahyra.fr



As well as a professional graphic designer and fan of Japanese pop culture, Keynok is a self-taught artist, illustrating what goes through his head. You will find various illustrations at his stand | original drawings & goodies. He will also be available for your commissions!

Lama.Studio & Shunsuke

Come and discover the work of Lama.Studio and Shunsuke, both photographers and cosplayers, to discuss and share their experiences through their photographs, books and merchandise!


Le Patchi

A regional illustrator who scribbles what she likes in pop culture and shares it as a poster, sticker or watercolor!


Maud & Rozenn

We are Maud and Rozenn, a duo of French illustrators. We are fond of working in fantastic and dreamlike worlds. With a technique approaching watercolor painting, we give our work a vintage and melancholic touch. On our stand, we offer comics, art prints, stickers and other goodies.



NaemyChan is a young artist who creates freelance illustrations. Her favorite media are watercolor and ink that she mixes in a colorful and soothing atmosphere. She will make you discover her magical universe through her traditional creations.



Pellichi makes illustrations with a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere, original and fanarts. She also writes an original manga, Material & Methods, which is a real immersion into the world of scientific research. Come and discover her creations on her stand!



Welcome! Created in 2009, Rainbow Toast is an association of amateur scribbling friends wishing to embark on the adventure of fanzines. Yami Shin, June and AoX will be happy to present you their products (original or fanart) with cards, posters, keychains, badges and more!



RomaiLee is a Cosplay and Photography enthusiast. You can discover all the things that are important to her at her stand – the perfect setting for a shoot – and in front of a picture wall arranged in an imaginary world, you will be able to take pictures. Besides the picture wall RomaiLee will display and sell her most successful images in the form of prints, postcards, etc.



Skroppy will produce Cosplay elements with its 3D printer. It is especially for you that he will print all kinds of small gifts that you can buy at his stand. By modeling digital, he will print the models in 3D and will color them afterwards – a real live demonstration!



I am passionate about sewing and painting, so I decided to make a mix of both by painting on fabrics and then make cushions or bags, I also paint on clothes (sweater or T-shirt). I also sew little keychains in felt and names to hang. I am mainly inspired by mangas but also series, video games, comics, cartoons and others. I use special paint for textiles. My creations are varied and colorful.



Drawing since always, I undertake an interactive media design at eikon in order to express myself through different media. Passionate about illustration, it is with my watercolor or my graphic tablet that I give life to animals and creatures of all kinds. Nature and animals are my main source of inspiration, as is the fantastic world and everything around it.

Time of Beauty

Harajuku fashion creations as well as a French-Japanese collection. With in addition some accessories and jewels creations.



Toki is an artist who makes original artworks or fanarts in a manga style. Her drawings are inspired by Japanese culture, nature and fashion, with special attention paid to colors. All her creations are available in the form of posters, but also little goodies like stickers or badges. She offers both digital and traditional designs.


Doudou Fantasy Creations

Loving to tinker, I discovered polymer clay a few years ago. Then 3 years ago, I started creating small jewels for myself or to offer. Now I make some conventions or craft markets to share my little creations and who knows, perhaps, make you want to start 🙂



Dragibuz (Lorène BARIOZ) is an artist from Lyon specialized in animal drawing. You will find on her stand her creations in the form of prints, posters, paintings, cards, stickers, magnets, badges, pins, keychains, charms. She will also draw your favorite animal or your chibi portrait on the spot!






Hello! You will find my illustrations in the form of posters, keychains and postcards!


Fantasy Aquarel’

Valérie Surchat is an amateur artist from Fribourg who travels to conventions between Switzerland and France. As a fan of pop culture, animated cartoons and manga, she brings a touch of fairy to her creations, which are inspired above all by the animal world and fantastic characters. She makes watercolors that are offered for sale as well as various goodies of her creations. (Keychains, badges, bookmarks etc.)

Kura’Crea et Sky

Kura’Crea is an artist known primarily for her pokemon dioramas, but she likes to diversify with the creation of jewelry, sculptures and she recently entered the world of dreamcatchers and steampunk. Sky is a young artist who wants to debut during Japan Impact. Pixelart beads and pokemon dioramas are her main creations. She is Kohai of Kura’Crea.


L’Écaille d’Argent

We are two jewelry and accessories in aluminum flake designers. We are passionate about all that is medieval fantasy, and our creations are unique in their kind. To give you a better idea I invite you to go to our website www.lecailledargent.net thank you for your reading it’s always a pleasure to come to participate in Japan Impact ^ _ ^


Le petit monde de Zoé

“The Little World of Zoé” offers paintings of original and creative drawings in bright and joyous colors, lamps night lights carefully made in paper pattern cuts, necklaces in fimo paste like the character “Zoe”, Serre Unicorn head, as well as dolls disguised as different manga characters, handmade and created from foam sheets.



When she is not busy trying to conquer the world or wait for a train for a school of witchcraft, Mornogram leaves her cave to draw at conventions. She fills her notebook essentially with characters and magical creatures of all kinds and then uses unicorn pets to put colors in her inkwell. Absolutely.



Matryoshka is an artist duo consisting of ELK and megu. Come and discover their colorful and dreamlike world during the festival! You will find on their stand: posters, cards, bookmarks, stickers, comics and artbooks, but also badges and keychains with your favorite series / manga characters!



I am a traditional Chinese ink and digital artist. I mainly propose original creations in ink on the theme of Japan and Asian culture. You will find on my stand posters and original paintings hand painted with Indian ink.