Group cosplay

Sunday,13:00 - 15:00 at Rolex

Cosplay is the art of costuming oneself in mangas’, video games’ or comics’ characters. Each year, our contests is one of Japan Impact’s highlight !

During group cosplay, each contestant will try to make the public enter in their world of fantasies. 

The room in which the cosplay takes place has a limited amount of places. Therefore, please follow these steps if you want to watch it.

  1. You can take a ticket for free at the convention’s informations’ desk. With this ticket, you are ensured to have a place inside the cosplay room if you arrive before the hour mentioned on it (12:40). 
  2. If you can’t get a ticket, you can still try to come in front of the rolex where the cosplay take place. After the hour mentioned on the ticket (12:40), we’ll let people without tickets enter as long as and only if there are places left
  3. If you couldn’t get a ticket and neither get a place inside the room, you can still go to the room Natsu (green zone) where a live stream of the contest will be projected. 

Discover which cosplayer(s) won the contest each day ! We thanks again our sponsors which will offer prizes to the winners :

  • Bernina : the famous sewing machine brand will offer 2 machines during the solo contest (models 485 and 325). 
  • mamike.ch : the official furnisher of the ©Worbla and other cosplay accessories will give online gift vouchers, Worbla and goodies’ bags. Also, the best swiss participant will become the 2019 “godchild” of Mamike/Worbla, which will allow him to receive up to 600 CHF in products on the online shop for free. Also, the cosplayer will receive throughout the year counsel and help from the team of mamike.ch on technical points he wishes to improve.
  • Nintendo : the well-known firm, father of Mario and Zelda, will offer several gifts to the winners, including several Nintendo 2/3 DS games. 
  • The haberdashery “la Maison Rouge” in Savigny : this  shop which has a big variety of tissues and haberdashery products will offer gift vouchers to the winners. 

Registrations for the solo contest are now closed. If you’ve registered and wanna look again at the rules, please click here. If you have more questions, we’ll be happy to answer at cosplay@japan-impact.ch. We’re all looking forward to seeing your performances !

4 February 2019