Yami Shin

Yami Shin is a manga artist who has been practicing her drawing skills for many years. Passionate about drawing and illustration, she decided at 20 to embark on fanzine and webcomic, where she met success. In 2015, she entered Ki-oon’s “tremplin manga” contest and won it with ease thanks to her story, “Revenge Reborn!” which allows her to win a publishing contract with Ki-oon.

From this collaboration is born in 2017 her manga “Green Mechanic” which makes Yami Shin the first Swiss author to publish his manga on a large scale. In this post-apocalyptic manga where the planet has become a garbage-covered desert and survivors struggle to survive, we follow the story of Misha, a young orphan with an overdeveloped capacity of empathy, and Reborn, a robot capable of taking any appearance.

Yami Shin will be present the whole Saturday and hold several activities around her manga.

11 January 2019