Guests and conferences

Come and discover all the conferences and guests who will participate to the 2022 edition of Japan Impact. Take the time to discover a part of Japanese culture by coming to listen to one of our speakers. There will be something for everyone. Some of these guests will also be available for signing sessions. Find more information on their personal page.
(Presentation per alphabetical order)

Aluota: From the idea to the stage, how to improve your cosplay performances

Aluota has been a cosplayer for nearly 15 years. In 2017 she represented France at the “World Cosplay Summit” world championship in Japan, where she won the best costume award. She participates in cosplay shows, performs solo and in groups during contests, leads conferences, and has been a juror in France, Germany and Canada. She loves to create her costumes and accessories with passion, and to go into the smallest details in order to embody various characters from anime, movies, or video games. But what she loves most of all is creating performances, imagining a staging, conceiving dialogues, and going on stage in front of an audience!

Conference in room Sakura – Samedi: 16h30 – 17h30.
The rest of the time, found there in the cosplay area (Pink Zone).

Swiss-Japanese Circle

Cercle Suisse Japon

The Swiss-Japanese Circle (CSJ) is an association for all Japan lovers in the Lausanne area. Members have access at reduced prices to our various events such as movies, parties, cultural events, visits & excursions (e.g. Japanese forest, museums), music ( e.g. Taiko), sports (e.g. Kyudo, Japanese archery), meetings, exchanges etc. Your suggestions and participation are welcome!

Room Natsu – Saturday: 12h00 – 13h00.
Room Natsu – Sunday: 15h00 – 16h00.

Cédric Baravaglio – Cirkle

Cédric Baravaglio

During his extraordinary carrier, Cirkle participated to several unbelievable projects. He works regularly with the Disney studios, collaborated to trailer and video games music for «Star Wars IX», «Buzz l’Eclair», «Diablo IV» or «League of Legends».

Cirkle will give a great conference about music composition in video games and movies on Sunday August 21st and signing sessions will be organized, thanks to our partner Melectronics, during the two days of Japan Impact!

Room Usagi – Sunday: 14h00 – 15h00.

Duvet Calligraphies: “The Pen and the brush”

Duvet Calligraphies

Latin and Japanese calligraphy differ in their uses, movements and materials. This lecture offers a comparative approach to calligraphy as practiced in Japan and Europe, formerly and nowadays. Paper, brush, ink, inkstone and seals: are Japanese instruments so far removed from ours?

Room Kitsune – Samedi: 18h00 – 19h00.

Card games: From Magic to Hearthstone

Force of Will

Come and (re)discover trading card games such as Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon the Card Game and what surrounds them. Then, discover a game prototype and participate in the development of a pseudo-card.

Room Kitsune – Saturday: 11h00 – 12h30.


Since its release in 2001, the film Chihiro’s Journey is still fascinating. It must be said that of all the films of Studio Ghibli it is perhaps the one that draws the most on Japanese beliefs and legends. But if for the Japanese this folklore is part of their culture, for us Europeans it is sometimes less obvious. Come and discover some keys of understanding, what is drawn from the Japanese folklore and what comes from the fertile imagination of Hayao Miyazaki.

Drawing workshop for all ages with the theme of Japanese objects with a cute style.
Room Kita – Saturday: 11h00 – 12h30.
Room Kita – Sunday: 11h00 – 12h30.


Conference on Kintsugi, the ancestral art of repairing ceramics with gold. In Japan, objects have not a soul, but rather a spark of life given to them when they are created. These used objects get old and sometimes break. So, Japanese people repair their objects by the technique of kintsugi in order to “glue” the pieces and show the scar with 24 carat gold or silver. This way of thinking about the beauty of what ages and breaks is the philosophy of wabi sabi.

Room Usagi – Saturday: 14h00 – 15h00.
Room Kitsune – Sunday: 11h00 – 12h00.

Let’s Play : Manga et jeu vidéo avec Captain Velvet Meteor

Force of Will

Loid Forger from SPYxFAMILY and Hibino Kafka from Kaiju #8 are among the many manga characters playable in the video game Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions. Created by a small team divided between Japan and Switzerland, Captain Velvet Meteor is the first video game published by Shueisha Games, a subsidiary created by the famous manga publisher Shueisha (Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, etc.). Melissa Corboz and David Javet, members of the creative team, will be present to discuss this collaboration while playing the game.

Room Tokyo – Saturday: 15h-16h30
Room Tokyo – Sunday: 11h-12h30

Midnight Blossom: L’histoire du Kimono

The kimono, an emblematic garment of Japan, has become a traditional garment that is widely recognised throughout the world. However, it raises many questions, especially because of its universal and unique shape. However, there are many guidelines on what style to choose depending on the events or places we go to. Through the history and grades that Yasuka Fader will guide you through, you will be able to identify 80% of kimonos and their proper roles after this lecture.

Yasuka Fader is a fashion designer specializing in the recovery of vintage or second-hand kimonos. Certified in apparel and a descendant of kimono dealers, she makes the promotion of this garment a major part of her business.

Room Osaka – Saturday: 17h30 – 19h00.


Mickael J is a movie youtuber, creator of the show FERMEZ LA dealing with controversies and popular criticism around pop culture, as much movies like Star Wars, TV series like Games of Thrones or video games like Last of Us 2. Always in the reflection and in the humor, and not hesitating to speak in depth of subjects, as much cultural as social.

Room Osaka – Saturday: 13h30 – 14h30.
Room Osaka – Sunday: 15h00 – 16h00.


Tanya, known to everyone by her username “Shino” or “shinorisu” , has been a cosplayer for over 10 years. Born and based in Calabria, Italy, today at 27 years old she dedicated and still dedicates her life and studies mainly to traditional arts, like painting and sculpting. Among her passions stand out those for anime, make up, drawing and photography, but above all she loves videogames in an immeasurable way. Because of this , most of her cosplay characters come from many famous video games series such as “The Legend of Zelda” or “Final Fantasy”. The main goal with this hobby of hers, other than having fun, is to improve herself with new challenges, and for this reason she pushes herself more and more out of the ‘comfort zone’, to create characters that totally deviate from her way of being, always trying to learn how to craft more elaborate accessories and garments with handmade techniques.

Room Sakura – Sunday: 16h00 – 17h00.
The rest of the time, found there in the cosplay area (Pink Zone).

Wa Rei Ryu Switzerland – Dojo Jouen: Conférence: Tanto

Wa rey ryu

Kenjutsu and Battōjutsu are the Japanese martial arts most closely related to the sword. Whether katana or wakizashi, nodachi or tanto, any form of sword that was wielded by the samurai is included. Straddling the line between Zen and Shinto, with an influence that goes directly back to the legendary Miyamoto Musashi, Wa Rei Ryu continues this secular tradition of sword arts.

Room Tokyo, Saturday: 12h30 – 13h30.
Room Tokyo, Saturday: 14h30 – 15h30.

Yami Shin

Yami Shin

This year, Japan Impact is pleased to welcome Yami Shin, a Swiss illustrator and mangaka! After winning the first Ki-oon springboard, she published her first work called “Green Mechanic”, whose 7th volume was released a few weeks ago! Her manga takes the readers in a post-apocalyptic world, where Misha, a young telepath and Reborn, a morphing robot lead the story full of fights, suspense and even romance.

Yami Shin has a great workshop-conference about the mangaka’s job on Sunday August 21st and signing sessions will be organized, thanks to our partner Melectronics, during the two days of Japan Impact!

Room Usagi – Saturday: 17h45 – 18h45.
Room Usagi – Sunday: 12h45 – 13h45.



YATUU is a comic book author since 2011. She has published 7 albums that speak with humor about societal facts that she needed to denounce.

In 2018, she launched in self-publishing with her new comic Erika and the princes in distress”: a warrior princess who saves princes in danger in a world dominated by women! The genders are reversed, no more helpless damsels, make way for strong and courageous women!

Thanks to the support of many readers on both Ulule and Tipeee, the first two volumes have been released, accumulating nearly 8000 pre-orders, and volume 3 is in preparation!

Yatuu, our second guest associated with Melectronics, will be giving a great talk on Saturday August 20th, where you can discover the fascinating world of self-publishing! And more than that, you will have the opportunity to get a signing during the two days of Japan Impact.

Room Usagi – Saturday: 12h45 – 13h45.