Patrick Borg

Patrick Borg is one of the most famous French dubbers ! He is particularly well known for the voice of Son Goku in Dragon ball Z , he has made the French voices of dozens of other characters for movies, series, anime and video games. 

You can discover the universe of dubbing through his conferences and workshops ! They will naturally all be in French.

You can also get a singing from him during the weekend. 



You can also find Maliki at Japan Impact ! This talented author, who recently had great success with his crowdfunding, publishes weekly stories on his blog about his everyday life : his cats, his life as an author, his thoughts, and more generally, on anything and everything. 

Maliki will giva a conference on the world of self-publishing, in which he himself has launched, and of course, on his famous comic strip.

Also come and meet him during signing sessions ! 



Ototo, Oflebe, Taifu

This year, we will have the honor of hosting together, three publishers, who will unite for a conference and will hold a stall together. Ofelbe (known notably for Sword Art Online), Ototo et Taifu will be present at Japan Impact 2017 !
Have you always dreamed of knowing the invisible side of manga editing work ? This conference is for you ! From the creation of  publishing houses to their to their popularity, form their license choices to their purchase, from the work that goes on to the postponements that often happen, you will know all !  You will also witness a discussion of the year 2016, which had several big manga hits (My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Platinum End, Ki and Hi…).


Popette Cosplay

This year, we will have the honor to welcome at Japan Impact Popette cosplay during the weekend ! This cosplayer made her debut in 2’000 and is a veteran figure in this universe. She represented France 2 times at the World Cosplay Summit (in 2004 and in 2005), an international contest, based in Japan. 

Popette Cosplay is also known for having created the website, where she talks about her cosplay life and where she shares her thoughts on cosplay as a sociological subject. She also co-founded, the first French cosplay news site

Popette Cosplay will be a member of the jury for our Cosplay Contest. She will also share her encyclopaedic knowledge of cosplay  sur le cosplay at conferences, which will be both interesting and fun.



Lily on the Moon ( Just Cosplay things)

We will also welcome with great pleasure Lily on the Moon, a talented French cosplayer, best known for having created with Omaru the comedy series, Just Cosplay things. This series should absolutely be discovered by all lovers of cosplay, wishing to know more about this world, while having great fun.

You will also have the opportunity to watch screenings of episodes from the series, which will be followed by a discussion with Lily on the Moon, who will tell you all the secrets behind the scenes, as well as precious cosplay advice.