Saturday,19:30 - 20:30 at Matsuri
Sunday,14:30 - 15:30 at Matsuri

If you had loved or missed (shame on you!) Iron Attack ! during their European tour last year, then rejoice! They will be coming back for Japan Impact!

This Power Metal band are proud to belong to the dôjin sphere inspired by video games and their music remains joyful and from various backgrounds!

IRON-CHINO, guitarist and co-founder of the band, shares his experience of video games, more specifically the Touhou-Project, within his compositions, and surprisingly draws his inspiration from shintô mythology!

These musical creations are performed by the young and energetic drummer Mikawa, the former bass player now guitarist Ryu, and the duet Yama-B and Minus-iyon, who know how to perfectly merge the strength of Power Metal and the softness of the idol style.

To give you a hint of what to expect, below are some of the tunes you will be able to listen to if you visit the main scene:

10 December 2019