Kabé, a self-taught painter specialized in stencils, has been working on Japanese subjects for several years.

His koïs in particular, are appreciated by young and old alike, realized on wooden boards and paper. Working live in the street as well as in events, his approach remains the contact with the public, creating a permanent exchange in order to share his knowledge, his techniques and make the acquisition of his works more personal to those who have a crush on his images!

Animation: Kabé will once again work live for the pleasure of Japan Impact visitors. It will be possible to see large and small size paintings executed in a simple way in a raw spirit, with aerosol without solvent (safety and ecology are important).

The exchange with the artist is at the heart of his approach, so it will be possible to get information, technical advice, elaborate projects, and of course acquire works!

Close to the food court.


16 August 2022