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Kawaii Contest 2022

Photographer : Stéphane Genoux of the Club Photo EPFL

Come and take part in the Kawaii contest, on the 21st of August 2022 and try to win the jury’s and audience’s heart: be the most adorable! Be so cute, that we want to give you lots of hugs! Be the most KAWAII of Japan Impact!

The Kawaii style is everything cute and so adorable that you want to hug. Regardless of your gender or age, come and present YOUR version of this special Japanese style. Parental permission is required for minor participants at the time of the agreement.

Here is the link for the regulation: It is imperative that you read this one carefully before continuing your registration!

Here is the link to registration:

You have until August 11th at 23:59 to register!

3 July 2022