Kumihimo braiding and Sashiko embroidery

Saturday,10:00 - 20:00 at Kobe
Sunday,10:00 - 18:00 at Kobe

Capacity: 8 people per workshop (no registrations)

Art’elier offers you 3 workshops

Kumihimo bracelets:

The kumihimo is a Japanese form of braiding, used to make ropes and ribbons. The term “kumi” “himo” means “joined threads”. During this workshop, you will use this traditional technique to make bracelets.

Broderie Sashiko :

Sashiko (刺し子, “small sticks” or “small stitches”) is a Japanese embroidery technique. Historically used to patch up clothes, make them stronger or quilt them, it is also used for decorative purposes. In this workshop you will be able to make an under-cup.

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7 February 2020