Saturday,17:00 - 18:00 at Sakura

Manlima is a duo of craftsman and cosplayer completely passionated about the manufacture of costumes and accessories. They love the challenge and like to achieve their goals in all their projects.

Having participated in many international competitions, they had the opportunity to travel to many countries and make many friends from different cultures, sharing the same passion as them.

In their workshop where they make all their creations, they also shoot Youtube tutorials that are of great help, especially for the creation of custom molds, of resin and leather as well as the creation of FX prostheses.

Manlima will be present both days in costume. They will judge one of the cosplay competitions and will hold a conference on their journey in the world of cosplay (schedules will arrive later). They will also have a booth where you can buy their creations.

5 January 2020