Matcha Tea Ceremony

Saturday,12:30 - 14:00 at Matcha
Sunday,12:30 - 14:00 at Matcha

Capacity: 10 people per ceremony
Inscriptions: on the door of the hall at the beginning of the convention

Discover the famous Japanese tea ceremony on Saturday and Sunday of the convention!

In the 16th century, Sen-no Rikyû, the founder of the Urasenke school, often said that “what we do in the ceremony is simply boil water, prepare tea and drink”. His words are very banal but why, then, is the practice so assiduous and long? This may be because it is very valuable to share a bowl of tea with participants in a peaceful atmosphere, but this atmosphere is not easily created.

The four important points for its realization are the “wa” harmony, the “kei” respect, the “sei” purity, and the “jaku” serenity. The idea of “ichigo chie” that every moment is a unique moment and every encounter is a unique encounter also explains the spirit of the tea ceremony.

The matcha tea ceremony uses the famous green tea powder for your greatest pleasure, so come and share a moment of tranquility and admire a secular practice!

Timetables will be announced shortly.

21 December 2019