Meet Little K – Manga on wheels

Saturday,13:00 - 14:00 at Uki
Sunday,13:00 - 14:00 at Uki

The kamishibai (“kami” for paper and “shibai” for stage or theatre) is a series of illustrated boards that are slipped into a butai, wooden frame that was originally attached to the top of a large box stowed on a bicycle-kamishibai luggage carrier.

The kamishibai, a communication medium, appeared almost a century ago in the streets of Japan. Highly prized by thousands of young spectators who hurried every day to the corner of the streets to follow the first illustrated series told by the kamisihibaya-san (storytellers of the streets), the kamishibai is present today in many countries of the world.

Amina Jendly and Nathalie Jendly will discuss at these conferences the meeting with one of the last depositories of his generation in Tokyo, Uncle Nagata-san, who has travelled the streets of Japan for more than 50 years to tell stories.

4 February 2020