Sawada Harugin

[CONCERT] Meet again at Japan Impact Sylvain DIONY - 澤田春吟 Sawada Harugin - Shamisen, French shamisen player recognized in Japan for his talents. He will perform a concert on Saturday, February 18 in Matsuri Hall, using his trusty shamisen, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument similar to the lute, and will also sing Minyô, a traditional Japanese rural song. . The shamisen has a sound very typical of what we imagine Japanese cultural music to be, and it is not for nothing that it is very often found in the ost of your favorite anime such as Naruto or One piece. So, if you are interested in a traditional Japanese musical experience, or learning more about this incredible instrument, come to Sawada Harugin’s concert and feel like you are in Japan of old. 📷: Ian Duncan Patrick