Video games

[CONTINUOUS ACTIVITY] Japan Impact is fast approaching! And we’re excited to bring you more video game related activities to look forward to next weekend. We are pleased to announce that Nintendo, the famous company behind iconic game series such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda or Metroid, will be there! Join us as we play your favorite classic games on Nintendo Switch, or check out what’s coming soon. The Gaming Federation will also be at Japan Impact this year, with several games available for experienced gamers or beginners. And for those of you who like challenges, tournaments will be organized! For dance game lovers, we invite you to join our friends at Just Dance Swiss Club for some wild dance sessions! Finally, the Touhou-Bohu association will immerse you in the captivating and rich universe of Touhou Project, with its wide choice of game styles ranging from danmaku to versus fighting, all accompanied by sumptuous music and the colorful characters that inhabit this universe.