Diane Georges & Co


Japan Impact is pleased to invite you to discover the activities proposed by Diane Georges & CO. Among them, Hanafuda is a Japanese card game, which appeared in the 16th century and was imported to the United States by Nintendo in the 1930s. You can try your hand at the two variants, Hana-Awase and Koi-Koi, in games against other players.

Alternatively, try your hand at the Ken to Shin Role-Playing Game, a fantasy experience set in a land inspired by feudal Japan, rich in culture and mystery where magic exists and the gods may look into the destinies of mortals. Play as a variety of characters such as a thief, monk, samurai, nobleman, merchant, mage, craftsman and more. Players will have the opportunity to interact with magical elements, participate in heroic quests, battle supernatural creatures, manipulate political intrigue, participate in epic battles, or simply experience the challenges of everyday life.

Finally, don’t miss Diane’s fanzine booth where you can admire her drawings and discover her imaginary worlds as a guided magical journey!