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Ongoing activities

Come and discover many different activities, cultural, traditional or modern throughout the convention. No need for a schedule, they will take place continuously in the different rooms of the convention.

Dare to discover the unknown!
(Presentation per alphabetical order)

Absolute Frost

Absolute Frost
The Absolute Frost booth offers you activities linking video games and music! Come and try our games for free. On the program: Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Pop’n Music, Taiko no Tatsujin and Stepmania!

Room Sengoku.



Come and discover the use of a sewing machine to facilitate the creation of cosplay or accessories. accessories. You will be able to make a “Teru Teru Bozu” to bring the good weather.

On their booth.

Card games, organised by Tanigami


Stand of various card games, come to discover various tcg such as Weiss Schwarz, cardfight! Vanguard, Wixoss, Digimon, etc…

Activité en salle Kaimon & Daisen.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Final Fantasy fan? Play now with all your favorite heroes (and villains) in a collectible card game gathering all the most beautiful illustrations of the saga. Come and discover the game, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this year, during initiations all day long and/or compete in free games.

Activity in rooms Kaimon & Daisen.

Force of Will: Trading Card Game

Force of Will

Force of Will card game tournament, in Wanderer format. Various promo cards will be up for grabs, depending on the number of participants. Registrations are welcome.

Activity in rooms Kaimon & Daisen.



Originating in the 16th century, Hanafuda is a typical Japanese card game. Originally created to circumvent the ban on Western games, it was imported to the United States in the 1930s by Nintendo, which was originally founded to market them. A standard game pits two players (or even three) against each other and is played in six or twelve rounds for a total duration of about half an hour.

We suggest you discover the Hana-Awase or Koi-Koi variants.

Activity in room Nagano.

Video games: Gaming Federation

Gaming Federation
“The Gaming Federation is an association whose goal is the promotion and development of the video game culture in Switzerland. This year again, they will be in charge of animating our video game rooms in partnership with Nintendo and Nintend’Oz

Activity in rooms Meiji & Edo.

Gaming Federation

Go game

Jeux de Go

Hikaru no Go? Google VS the best Go pro? Just curious to see this game whose name is only used to fill in crossword puzzles?

Contrary to appearances, you don’t need to be a good strategist to play a game of GO. 10 minutes are enough to learn the rules of this 4000 years old game that can be played between young and old. If you feel the need and the desire to change air between mangas, animes and other artists, do not hesitate to visit us at the Go Stand.

Activity in room Nagano.

Japanese lesson


Sophie THOMAS is a Japanese language tutor since 2013 and the creator of the website and the YouTube channel Sophie // Japanese language courses.

She helps learners of Japanese to find the best solution to progress, either through the free content of her website and her Youtube channel, or through her online Japanese course OBJECTIF JAPON.

During this weekend at Japan Impact, come and learn the Japanese language and leave with your first name written in katakana ! Yoroshiku ne !

Sur son stand.

Pokemon IRL

pokemon IRL

Have you ever dreamed of a world filled with pokemon, arenas and mythical battles? Make it a reality with Pokemon IRL entertainment!

Scour the convention with your console in search of arenas, beat the champions on site and come challenge the league masters at their booth!

(Please note: you’ll need your Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Sword/Shield or Sparkling Diamond/Sparkling Pearl to participate)

activity in the violet area.

Role play by JDR Poly

JDR Poly

Inventive and fresh, it’s JDR-Poly! Role-playing games will be offered throughout the weekend! Whether you are a novice or a veteran, they will welcome you with the biggest of smiles! Together, let’s go on an adventure!

Activity in room Shika (zone violette.

Kalysten creations

Kalysten creations

Kalysten and Kayaba are French cosplayers. If they are passionate about Ghibli and video games, their favorite domain is Disney princes and princesses. Both have been making costumes for more than 5 years and met through cosplay. Kalysten specializes in sewing, in cosplay and historical inspired costumes, and Kayaba dabbles mostly in 3D and photography.

Very prolific, they release about 20 costumes per year and are authors of books to help cosplayers. They also run workshops on cosplay and photography. Come and meet them on their booth throughout the weekend to chat with them about cosplay, take a picture or discover their cosplay makeup workshop!

On their booth.

Meet little K à Japan Impact – Hall-Kamishibaï


Meet little K at Japan Impact – Hall-Kamishibaï by the Museum of Tales

On the menu: invented stories, tales and legends in which food and drink have a special place!

Here is a first series of illustrated boards (kamishibai**) inserted in the butai, a small wooden box. Three doors open and illustrations scroll by according to the story being told! A dive into the stories at the heart of Japan’s cultural heritage, that the readers of the Museum of Tales invite you to discover and share!
For the general public** The kamishibai (picture theater) appeared nearly a century ago in Japan, originally carried on bicycles by storytellers who told stories on street corners and in parks where children met them to listen to episodes of these stories, which constituted the first series.

Photography credit: Nicole Weber

Activity in room Uki.



Kumihimo workshop
Initiation and realization of a bracelet Kumihimo “braided rope” is a style of braiding that allows to make rope and ribbon that embellish both women and samurai armors.

Ink drawing workshop
Using a brush pen, come and make a small picture or a bookmark with the design of your choice.

Activity in room Kobe.



Come and learn the rules of mahjong, a board game of Chinese origin that combines strategy, luck, and analytical thinking.

Activity in room Sapporo.

Maid Café: Victorian Rose

Maid Café

In the hustle and bustle of the convention, come take a break from the Maid Café Victorian Rose. Our team of Maids and Butlers look forward to welcoming you and pampering you, serving you drinks and homemade pastries.

We look forward to seeing you!

Salle Okinawa.



Nintendo, the famous parent company of Mario and Zelda, is once again offering a variety of video games for Nintendo Switch this year. Go wild with your favorite classics or try out new releases!

Video games area, orange area.



Pikanoa is a French artist who is passionate about artistic creation as a whole, whether it is traditional art such as drawing, painting, sewing or digital painting. She is particularly known for her illustrations in a very colorful street art style, and inspired by many universes of pop culture and video games.

Meet Pikanoa on Saturday and Sunday, next to the Matsuri room, for a continuous live painting performance.

Next to the Matsuri.

Rallye PolyJapan

Rallye Polyjapan

The “A Bowl of Japan” rally will allow you to collect 8 exclusive “sutanpu” (stamps) throughout the convention. You will learn more about the key ingredients of Japanese cuisine ~ Come to our PolyJapan booth to start the adventure! Show your completed stamp card and you’ll be able to walk away with an exclusive sticker sheet! Also take our MCQ, and with a little luck, you can win one of our big prizes courtesy of The Matcha GreenJaport, Osio, Issekinicho. The draw will be live on our social networks. Follow us to not miss it!

Need a break? In the Rai room, the little adventurers will be able to color their stamp card and/or make a little craft under the watchful eye of their companions! 100% free activities to do alone or with your family! ^__^/



Touhou-Bohu is a French-speaking association whose goal is to promote Touhou Project, its vast universe, as well as its culture known as “doujin”, in particular via its games and its music.
The association tries to make discover a wide range of covers of themes made by music groups. From jazz to metal through electro, rap or orchestra music, everyone will find his account. Game stations, tournaments and board games will also be present during the whole weekend.

Activity in room Sengoku.

On going activities with PolyJapan

Logo PolyJapan
Do you sing out of tune but love to sing the Pokémon theme song at the top of your lungs? Are you a fan of anime? Want to have a good time with friends? Then come to our activity room to test your knowledge of anime or video games or sing at our karaoke in a crazy atmosphere. Come and have fun with us and maybe win a little gift!

Activity in room Aki.

Swiss Cosplay Family

Swiss Cosplay Family
Swiss Cosplay Family is a group that gathers all active Cosplayers in Switzerland and promotes solidarity, friendship and passion for Cosplay. To date, there are more than 400 active Cosplayers on this group from all over Switzerland! The group was founded in 2012 by several enthusiasts. The main goal of the Swiss Cosplay family was to create a very close community, where every cosplayer should help each other.

Activity in room Momiji.

TCG League Valaisanne

TCG League Valaisanne

Founded in 2013, the “TCG League Valaisanne” is an association whose goal is to promote trading card games and to bring together players from Valais. It regularly organizes meetings but also official and unofficial tournaments.

Activity in rooms Kaimon & Daisen.