FAQ – Japan Impact 2023

• Can children under 7 years old come to the convention?
Yes, admission is free for them.

• Is the convention really suitable for children of this age?
Yes, a young child will not be able to fully enjoy a number of activities, but the convention offers a wide variety of booths and activities, so there is something for all ages!

• Is there a parking lot?
Yes (there are even 4!), you can find information about parking here: here !

• How to get to the convention?
All the information concerning the access to the convention is: here !

• I want to wear a cosplay with a fake weapon, what are the limits of what I can bring into the convention?
Everything about permissions for recreational cosplays (not for a contest) is listed: here!

• Can I bring my dog into the convention?
No, pets are not allowed in the convention. Only accompanying dogs for any kind of disability can enter. A valid certificate will be requested at the entrance.

• Can I bring my picnic?
Yes, but be careful! Glass is NOT allowed in the convention. There are also water fountains provided by the water department of the city of Lausanne and a picnic area.

• Is it possible to piknik in the family area or the breastfeeding room?
No, please go to the area specially designed for this purpose.

• I lost my child during the convention, what should I do?
Go to the reception or to the goodies stand. We have labels available at these locations for you to stick your phone number on your children to prevent this from happening.

• Can I take baby bottles for my child?
Yes, but as said before, be careful, glass is NOT allowed.

• Where is it?
It is on the campus of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), located in Écublens, Switzerland.

• When is it?
February 18th (10am-8pm) and February 19th (10am-6pm) 2023.

• Can we buy tickets on site?
Yes, you can buy tickets on site but beware! Tickets will be LIMITED!

• Is there an access for people with reduced mobility?
Yes, when you arrive at the entrance, you will find the signs indicating the access for disabled people. If your condition requires a companion, he or she will be able to attend the convention with you for free.

• I paid by Twint but I still haven’t received my ticket.
The time between ordering and receiving tickets is longer than for other payment methods. If you have not received your ticket within 30 minutes, please contact us at our communication team.

• Do I have to print my ticket?
No, you can simply show your ticket on the cell phone, if you prefer.

• I bought my ticket but unfortunately I can’t come anymore. Can I get a refund?
No, you can't have a refund. However, you can sell or give your ticket to someone else.

• I bought my 1 day ticket for Saturday but I would like to come on Sunday (and vice versa). Is this possible?
No, tickets are only valid for the day that is written on it.

• I am a doctoral student / I am over 24 years old, can I benefit from the student discount?
Yes, you will have to show your student card at the reception.

• What payments do the booths accept?
It depends, some will only accept cash, so if in doubt, withdraw some money first. Some booths will even accept euros, but again this is not a standard.

• Can I leave and re-enter the convention?
Yes, but you will have to go through the line and security again, so you may have to wait in line again.

• Is there a daycare center?
No, but we do have a kids’ area. However, the accompanying persons are the only ones responsible!

• Can a person with a ticket for the queue be allowed to let the people accompanying them enjoy the queue break even if they have a normal ticket?
No, unfortunately not. Everyone has to have a ticket, or those who do not have a ticket have to wait in line. To know if it is possible to change your tickets, send an email or contact the instagram account at the bottom of this page.

• Which means of identification can be requested for the reduced prices?
It is imperative to present official proof of the reason for the reduced fare (medical certificate on reduced mobility, identity document for age, etc.). You can present a computerized format but we reserve the right to require a paper proof.

If you have any other questions, you can contact our communication team or on our instagram account (@japan_impact) – Instagram Happy convention to all!