Do you wish to become a partner of Japan Impact ? Would you like your advertisements in our official booklet ? Or would like your brand broadcast on our many social networks and on our web page ?

Do not hesitate to contact us directly with your ideas, it will be a pleasure for us to collaborate with you. Please contact [email protected] .

As an example, it is possible to use 1/3, 1/2, 1, 1 double page, or a cover page of our official booklet, to have your logo on our posters, and to benefit from various other promotional means during the convention.

For your information, Japan Impact is the largest Japanese culture event in Switzerland. It had more than 7’800 visitors at our last edition. We hope to reach many more people now ! Each of our visitors will have a copy of our official booklet to find their way at the convention. Furthermore, our posters will be present in all large towns of French-speaking Switzerland and we are regularly seen by over 5’000 people on our social networks.

Using our means of communication, you are certain to reach a large public, all sharing our centers of interest.


L’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


L’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

This is our dear university, that is graciously offering its help to Japan Impact.


Student’s General Association of the Polytechnic Federal School of Lausanne


Association Générale des Etudiants de l’EPFL

AGEPoly is the association responsible for animation on campus ; it is also the association to which PolyJapan is attached.




PolyJapan is the association that organizes Japan Impact since 2009 and which promotes Japanese culture on the EPFL campus. PolyJapan also organized the first Polymanga in 2005, which was located on EPFL grounds.




Specialist of japanese mangas and goodies in Switzerland since 20 years, Tanigami has two shops in Lausanne and Genève. It’s also one of the biggest sponsor of Japan Impact. We want to thank them for their trust and for our partnership, who will hopefully  last for many years. You will be able to find them at Japan Impact.




The famous sewing machine and other textil accessory company. They support the Japan Impact cosplay contest by offering two sewing machine for the winners. 


Arda Wigs


Arda Wigs is the specialist for Wigs and other cosplay tools and materials and proposes a vast variety of products. It sponsors the cosplay contest this year through vouchers on their online website.

La Maison Rouge


Everything for your future cosplay projects! Very large choice of fabrics, haberdashery and sewing machines!



Mamike is the official reseller of Worbla, an essential material for many cosplayers! He also sells a lot of other accessories.

Kamishibaï – la Suisse raconte


Come discover and share the charm and the many possibilities of the art of kamishibai! Initiation for all by the Museum of tales and stories.



Watch the best anime and discover all the East Asian news!



Live a love story commensurate with your passions. Browse thousands of profiles, each more geeky than the last!

BMedia – Tokyo Street Style


The Tokyo Street Style website decodes fashion and beauty trends from Japan! Get inspired by their articles and fashion shows to surprise with your style!!