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Japan Impact 2019 Gallery

Here are the photos of Japan Impact 2019, 11th edition. Thank you to all our photographers!

Official photos

Geek-it: GalleryFacebook

Stéphane Gallay: GalleryFacebook

Studio Photo

Bientôt en ligne

Other photographers

Club Photo EPFL : GalleryFacebook

Koji Keiser : GalleryFacebook

TheFoxxx : GalleryFacebook

Japan Impact 2018 Gallery

Here are the photos of Japan Impact 2018, 10th edition. Thank you to all our photographers!

Official photos

Octopix : Gallery, Facebook

AGVision : Gallery, Facebook

Studio Photo

Multiverse : Gallery, Facebook

Pierre Janin Photographie : Gallery, Facebook

Other photographers

Club Photo EPFL : Gallery, Facebook

Erdorin : Gallery, Facebook

FotografCosplay : Gallery, Facebook

Koji Keiser : Gallery, Facebook

Lama.Studio : Gallery, Facebook

Pixels : Gallery, Facebook

TheFoxxx : Gallery, Facebook

Japan Impact 2016 Gallery

You can find here the official pictures of Japan Impact 2016, in HD, made by photographers Octopix and (Thank you !)

Do not hesitate to comment the pictures !

You can also find beautiful pictures made by other photographers : Lama.Studio | TheFoxxx Photography | Arkehos’ World (do not hesitate to contact us if you, too, have albums to share !)

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Japan Impact 2015 Gallery

We thank the following people for making these pictures available for us:

Kogoro Mouri, Thomas Orosz, Line Killer Of Fly, Isabelle Jeudy, Multiverse, Neko Taisen, Arkehos’ World, Vincent Becker, LinksTheSun, Koji Keiser, BulleJapon, Laurence W, Lussery, AGVisionArgo Photos, Lama.Studio