Japan Impact 2018: Catering

You will find various catering and beverage serving stands in the convention’s catering zone, upstairs at the footbridge. From Asian food to crepes, and with our Maid Café’s sweets, there will be enough to satisfy all tastes and gluttony.

Japan Impact Bars

Our bars offer you a large choice of soft drinks to quench your thirst between two activities.


Color my Tea

Bubble tea with various sorts of topping and tapioca pearls everywhere. Come to put some color on your tea!


Kenchan Ramen

Ramen are a dish made of noodles in a stock and served with various accompaniment. It is one of the most popular dishes in Japan! Come to discover this year the Tori Ramen (base on poultry).



Your visit wouldn’t be complete without tasting some Japanese specialities. So don’t forget to stop by KomoJapon, where you will find authentic dishes cooked by Japanese cooks.


Maid Café “Victorian Rose”

Tired or starving? In need of a soft and restful moment to be pampered? Our maids and butlers will be pleased to serve you a delicious tea or a good hot chocolate! All of it served with delicious home-made pastries.

The Maid Café is the place in Japan Impact not to miss, thanks to its warm and unique atmosphere.



Sawasdee Thai

The Sawasdee Thai stand offers you Thai curry, stir-fried noodles (pad thaï) and various Thai specialities.


Sweety Swiss

Stand with candy of all kinds, caramels, marshmallows, sour candy, all sorts of sweets, nougat, sugared almonds, Haribo candy…


Taiyaki Café

The taiyaki is a delicious stuffed waffle in a fish shape, typical of the Japanese street food. Taiyaki Café will love to introduce you to the traditional version with sweet red bean paste or the modernized version with ham and cheese!


Travel GC

The student-held stand Travel GC will offer candy brochettes, sweet and salty crepes, amongst other sweets to fund their study trip to Japan!


Tree Travel

The student-held stand Tree Travel (from the department of environmental science at EPFL) will present you some excellent fajitas and crepes!