You will find various food and drink stands in the food and beverages area of the convention on the “Esplanade” (grey area). From Asian food to pancakes, sweets and our Maid Café, there will be something for every taste and treat!


Bars Japan Impact

Our bars offer a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks to refresh you between activities. There will be one in each building.



ChuChu offers a wide selection of Bubble Tea, the popular Taiwanese drink. Trained in Taiwan, come and discover a wide choice of flavours and toppings!




The Sawasdee stand offers Thai curry, fried noodles (pad thai) and various Thai specialties.


TakoyakiGo !

TakoyakiGo! is a stand that represents Japan and its “5th taste”: Umami. Takoyaki, from the Osaka region, is one of the most popular street food in Japan. You can choose among 3 different flavors. In addition, you can warm up with a Miso soup or enjoy a refreshing seaweed salad with pickled cucumbers and an amazing wasabi-citrus sauce! Come and try these handmade dishes with a unique flavour.



Here you can taste the famous udon (thick wheat noodles), which are Japanese ‘s fan favourites. Exit sushi, sashimi and other nigiris. The new Japanese culinary trend that is buzzing in food stores? Noodle-based broths that can be eaten on the go in the heart of Tokyo’s gargoyle-lined alleyways. The noodles are homemade and the soups are made mainly from natural products, ensuring incomparable quality. Ukiyo makes it a point of honor to serve healthy, authentic and tasty food.



The Wakara food stand will offer Karaage (fried marinated chicken), Karaage-don (fried chicken with rice) and onigiri (stuffed rice balls) to sustain you throughout the weekend.


Gourmet Break

Maid Café “Victorian Rose”

Tired or hungry? Need a quiet, restful place to pamper yourself? Our maids and butlers will be happy to serve you a delicious tea or hot chocolate, accompanied by delicious homemade cakes and pastries. The Maid Café is a place in Japan Impact not to be missed thanks to its warm and unique atmosphere.


Taiyaki Café

Taiyaki are Japanese fish-shaped waffles. Traditionally sweetened and filled with red bean paste, you will also find some with organic spread, vanilla matcha tea and even a salty version with Japanese curry or a raclette version… A must try!


Sweety Swiss

Sweety Swiss offers all kinds of sweets and delicious lollipops to delight the taste buds of children and adults alike.


Student booths

MT Voyaj

Are you hungry like a wolf or just peckish? Join the MT Voyaj stand! Chef Tobias has concocted for you a lot of delicious dishes that will make your taste buds salivate. Join the Mt Voyaj stand and may the strength of pineapple accompany you!


Tree Travel

The environmental science and engineering section will be pleased to serve you a farandole of croque-monsieur, hot dogs and homemade cakes.