Accessibility for persons with disabilities

Reduced mobility is a handicapped situation caused by a temporary or permanent diminution of someone’s ability to move in public places. Reduced mobility leads the person to have a limited or no moving autonomy at all in an “ordinary” environment.

The whole convention is adapted to persons with reduced mobility.


The information below are valid for all persons with disabilities:


  • A person with AI or AVS card pays the corresponding discount ticket.
  • Persons with an AI card obtain, after purchasing their own ticket, a second wristband for the accompanying person, who will therefore have their ticket offered.
  • It will be possible to move around with a wheelchair or a stroller in the whole convention.


A passage is adapted for you on the right of the standard waiting queue and allows you to have an easy access to the ticket office. You will have to show your AI card to a staff who will open the access after checking it. After purchasing your ticket and getting your wristband, you will exit the ticket office waiting line on the regular line and you will be invited to enter the convention on the VIP entrance next to it.

In the convention

Access to the main buildings will be through the VIP entrances on the ground floor. After checking the wristbands, a staff will lead you to the convention’s two levels by elevator. Concerning the Rolex Learning Center where our cosplay competitions will take place, as it is located at the ground level, you won’t have accessibility issues. A reserved area will be set up at the bottom the of the stage for wheelchair users.


Finally, be aware that we are available in case you have any problem. Any person concerned shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our volonteers.