The 2015 Japan Impact edition was an open success: 7000 visitors enjoyed the many cultural activities offered on the site. They were thrilled by the Japanese Dance, fascinated or even awed by the Cosplay competition.

Above all, it’s the unique and friendly atmosphere that visitors come to enjoy year after year… The audience we target may be wide, but each one of them finds in Japan Impact a place of interest and comes to share our enthusiasm for this culture. For all partakers – partners, sponsors, visitors and staff members – the last event was unforgettable!

Past events have exceeded ourexpectations… and their success encourages us to go on and deepen the experience. We believe Japan Impact has now become a major event in the Romandy.

This year, The Japan Impact will enjoy a wider range of activities. We challenge ourselves into offering each and every visitor the pleasure to discover something new about the Japanese culture. We also wish to concentrate on showing a more traditional side of the Japanese culture. For example, by inviting more artists and painters from Japan. We hope everyone can contribute in some way or another to this event and would very much appreciate it if you would join forces with us to make this come true!