Looking for stuffed animals, mugs, t-shirts, badges, key rings and other products derived from your favourite series? Or rather traditional objects such as calligraphy paper, tea set or kimono?

You will find everything you want at the booth of our exhibitors!

Anime Import

Since 1999, the reference to find the figures of your dreams and any other goodies from japanimation! If you’re looking for a particular product, do not hesitate to come and ask us!



Something wrong with your cosplay? Don’t panic, the Bernina cospital is here to help you make all kinds of small repairs on your cosplay.

Bernina will also continuously offer during the day to sew your own Bento bag from fabric!


Calligraphie japonaise – Isabelle Jeudy

Come and discover the art of Japanese calligraphy on the booth of Isabelle Jeudy, a Breton artist who has been using pen and brush for almost 20 years.

Traditional equipment will be exhibited and explained on the booth and you will see demonstrations throughout the day.

The works in exhibition-sale are customizable with a few words with a brush. For an interior decoration, for a gift, write your first name or an ideogram in Japanese calligraphy.



Come and discover the IOC Sport x Manga exhibition. The exhibition traces the way in which pop culture, expressed through manga, has gone hand in hand with sport for decades, explains Anne Chevalley, Head of Cultural and Educational Programmes at the Olympic Museum. Baseball, football, basketball, boxing, martial arts, or even handicapped sports… the manga not only tells the story of characters who love physical activity, but also illustrates the relationship that the Japanese have had with sport from the end of the Meiji era to the present day.


Doki Tableware

At Doki Tableware, you will find a large choice of beautiful ceramics and pottery (tableware, decorations, …) imported directly from Japan. Come and enjoy buying items you won’t find anywhere else in Europe.


L’écaille d’argent

L’Ecaille d’argent offers you creations of draconic and fantastic inspiration. Jewelry, accessories and costumes from 100% wild dragons, no small farmed dragons here!


EF Education

Want to learn Japanese and live in the Manga culture for a few weeks or several months? Take a language course at our EF language school in Tokyo! Experience your life in full immersion in one of our 52 destinations around the world.


Espace Dessin

The students of the school ESPACE DESSIN have the pleasure to present and sell you their creations made during the course of MANGA/BD. Enjoy also to leave with a caricature of you in Manga version. Go and visit them in order to take part in the drawing contest.


Excellence Tea

Excellence Tea is the story of a matcha enthusiast and more generally of organic luxury teas, labelled organic 2019 and number #1 in Japan. He offers you Excellence Teas and sets up various local collaborations in order to create products made from organic teas. Come and discover the colourful (rather green) world of this young enthusiast.



French artist creating paintings on PVC Forex or canvas. All the paintings are original creations, edited on large and small formats. Come and chat with the artist directly on stand ! Discover also her website.


Fluffy Tori

Fluffy Tori is a lolita brand from French-speaking Switzerland. They create lolita dresses from their own designs and also have their own printed patterns and laces. All their items can be made to measure. They offer a complete range of lolita items: dresses, accessories, tights and shoes. On their booth you will also find dresses from other brands and second hand items. You can find their shop here.



Specialist in comics and manga, goodies, figurines, pop and textiles.


Genki Corp

Genki Corp is a company specializing in the import-export of all kinds of derivative products related to Japanese pop culture.

Whether it’s movies, video games or anime, please yourself and those around you!


Itsumademo Goodies

Itsumademo will offer you a ton of exclusive goodies from Japan.


Japan Primavera

Japan Primavera is an Italian import-export company of original and high quality products straight from Japan. They specialize in traditional and modern handicrafts made by Japanese artists. Their products thus combine respect for traditional work and modern design. Among their products is a wide range of Kokeshi.



KFM – radio of K-Pop – will offer you CDs and various derivative products related to this hyper popular music.


Kiku Vintage

Give a second life to traditional Japanese clothing by combining it with your modern clothing style.



Kodomo offers you yukata (light summer kimono) and jinbei (Japanese summer clothing) for children. A nice gift to offer them to make them travel!



The Koneko boutique offers a selection of kawaii items from Japan and Asia. You will find in their range of products bento boxes, stationery, mugs, vintage haoris (kimono jacket) and many other items.



Mamike.ch, official distributors of worbla in Switzerland, offers a wide range of cosplay accessories. Come and meet them at their booth during the whole convention.

Mamike is also a sponsor of the cosplay contest and we thank him for the trust he places in us.


Manga no toki

Manga No Toki is the N°1 online store in French-speaking Switzerland for the purchase of manga. Manga No Toki will make you discover, the time of a manga, the emotion of a Shojo, the courage of a Shonen, the ardour of a Seinen, the tenderness of an Ecchi, the passion of a Yaoi, while blushing behind a Hentai. The team of Manga No Toki wishes you a very good reading!



Média-zone is a shop specialized in the sale of products derived from pop culture and japanimation. On their booth, you will find stuffed animals, figurines, mugs, posters, key rings, t-shirts, caps from your favorite franchises, as well as a wide selection of Japanese snacks (pocky, mochi, kit kat, candies, chewing gum, sweet/savory cookies, as well as the must-have Melon Pan).


Mercerie La Maison Rouge

Specialist in haberdashery articles, with a wide choice of fabrics, “La Maison Rouge” will welcome you at its stand.

Moreover, the shop sponsors our cosplay contest and we thank him for it.


Midori Harada

Midori Harada is a Japanese artist living in Germany. Former Pokémon card illustrator, she will propose you to paint a portrait of yourself at her booth. She will also sell some of her original creations with polar bears.



The student association that organizes Japan Impact will meet you on its booth to offer you some Japan Impact goodies, such as keychains, bags, USB keys, posters, badges, mugs, …

This is also where the people who contributed to our crowdfunding will be able to get their goodies back.



Come and meet Hiroko, Master of Japanese calligraphy who will make you discover the art of calligraphy. You will have the opportunity to write your first name or an ideogram of your choice. Discover also his original creations painted on large and small formats. www.seisui-calligraphy.ch.



Sérénité is your shop specialized in the sale of traditional Japanese products (bento, handicraft, …) in Lausanne. They also have a wide variety of tea. Come and meet them at their stand to make gifts that will delight young and old alike.



Your manga specialist Tanigami Geneva and Lausanne is at the service of manga enthusiasts for over 20 years !

With the largest selection of manga in French-speaking Switzerland and a multitude of merchandise directly imported from the Land of the Rising Sun, the store is a real concentrate of otaku and geek culture in the heart of Geneva and Lausanne!

Moreover, Tanigami is our official sponsor and we thank him for his confidence in us.



An artist who has been drawing for a few years now, Tenryuushi will present his own fanarts in the form of posters and other goodies!


Vercors Kokédama

Kokedama is an art in the image of Japan, perpetually transcending ages and mixing tradition as well as pop-culture. These small balls of moss where plants with pure designs grow, respecting the traditional codes of Ikebana and Bonsai, blend perfectly with the spirit of the times and the search for simplicity and ecology.

Come and discover this fascinating art at Japan Impact on the Vercors Kokedama stand where they will also be offering living terrariums.

For the first time, our partner will offer you three workshops a day where they will accompany you to create small masterpieces that you can take home with you.