Contest Miss Kawaii 2019

A convention about Japanese culture without Kawaii, it sounds incomplete. Hopefully our exclusive Miss Kawaii contest is back for Japan Impact 2019!

Kawaii culture is widespread in Japanese everyday life: an animal-shaped sign? Kawaii! An adorable advertising mascot? Kawaii! But Kawaii is also found in fashion and attitude, the magnificent competitors will show us their Kawaiiness and we will all be present to enjoy it!

Cat ears, lace umbrella, pastel shade or Lolita dresses and numerous cute accessories so specific to Japan, the Misses superbly incarnate the Kawaii spirit. Kawaii is cute, adorable, lovable, delicat!

All the competitors will present a small artistic show developed by themselves such as dance or singing for example. The winner selected by the jury will receive the title of Miss Kawaii 2019 and some Kawaii gifts of course!

This contest gains more success every year thanks to talented competitors, but also thanks to a very enthusiastic public! We wanted to thank you for that and we are counting on you for this 2019 edition to be even more wonderful and kawaii!

The contest will take place Sunday 17th February 2019!

The rules are available here : RULES_MISSKAWAII_2019

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