Cultural Workshops 2019

Japan Impact, it’s also lot of cultural activities! Come discover these workshops and let your creativity guide you during the convention.

To participate, you only need to register on a sheet in front of the room mentioned. Be careful : schedule are not definitive and might be subject to changes.


Saturday : 14h-15h | 15h30-16h30 | 17h-18h – room Gingko

Sunday : 13h-14h | 14h30-15h30 | 16h-17h – room Gingko

Capacity : 15 people

Calligraphy is one of Japan’s most beautiful art and represent the fine writing as well as the harmony and just proportion between full- and emptiness. Through calligraphy is expressed one of japanese aesthetic principle, the “wabi-sabi”. 

When you hold the brush, each stroke is important, as well as its beginning, its direction and its end. Come and enjoy and initiation to the ancestral art. 


Macha tea ceremony

Saturday : 12h30-14h – room matcha

Sunday : 13h-14h30 – room matcha

Capacity : 10 people

The macha tea ceremony uses the well-known green tea powder. in the 16th century, the founder of Urasenke school used to say “what we do in the ceremony is simply boil water, prepare tea and drink it”. Then why is this practice so difficult and long to learn ? Maybe it’s because it is not so easy to create the right atmosphere to share a cup of tea with good friends. 

There’re 4 main points for the realization of the tea ceremony : the “wa” (harmony), the “kei” (respect), the “sei” (purity) and the “jaku” (serenity).  Come and share a moment of calm and tranquility around a cup of tea and observe this secular practice.


Tales in which you’re the hero

Saturday : 12h-12h45 | 13h15-14h | 17h30-18h15 | 18h45-19h30 – room Usagi

Sunday : 12h45 – 13h30 | 17h-17h45 – room Usagi

Capacity : no limit

The “Académie de Minuit” is an association of professional storyteller which aims to promote reading and imaginary. Their member will be at Japan Impact and will tell you a story in which you’ll be able to control some characters and even incarnate them. Don’t miss this chance to finally become the hero of your own tale. Gifts will also be given at their booth as well as at the end of each tale.


Colouring classes – couleur geek

Saturday : 14h30-15h30 | 16h-17h – room Usagi

Sunday : 14-15h | 15h30-16h30 – room Usagi

Capacity : 5 people

“Couleur geek” is a colouring method designed for adults and children above 11 years old. 

In small groups, you’ll be able to learn this method inspired by the mangas, video games and comics’ universe. Come and enjoy the method and give colour to your imaginary.


Drawing classes – Cordeb’Art

Saturday : 16h30-17h30 – room Haru

Capacité : 25 people (min. 8 years old)

Cordeb’Art is a pioneer in the manga drawing in Switzerland. He offers classes everyday in his premise in Lausanne. 

If you like drawing or if you like mangas – or better if you like both ! – come and follow this initiation to draw your very own manga charachter.


Japanese classes

Saturday  :13h-14h (present yourself) | 14h30-15h30 (Suki, let’s talk about hobbies) | 16h-17h (Katakana, write your name in japanese) – room Kyoto

Sunday : 14h-15h (order in restaurant) | 15h30-16h30 (Kanjis) – room Kyoto

Capacity : 30 people

Japanese ! It’s really difficult when you’re own language has no common roots. It is then so easy to find yourself in a situation very similar to the movie “Lost in Translation”.

Hopefully, thanks to Japan Impact, you’ll be able to avoid this situation by attending one of our japanese classes. Designed for complete beginner, different classes will be given with the following themes : “present yourself”, “order in restaurant”, “Kanjis”, “Suki, let’s talk about hobbies” and “Katana, write your name in japanese”. 


Japanese dance

Saturday : 18h45-19h15 – room Haru

No registration required !

In Japan, dancing has a notable importance during the numerous Matsuri (traditional celebrations) and each region has its own style and schools.  

During this workshop, Yozakura – a music group specialized Minyo – will initiate you to traditional japanese dance. Let the rythm of the music take you away and come participate to this activity designed for everyone, old or young. You only need to go to the place and schedule mentioned, there’s is no need for registration for this workshop. 


Kimono dressing

Saturday : 18h30-20h | room Matcha

Sunday : 15h-16h30 | room Matcha

Capacity : 10 people

Kimono is a traditional japanese clothe which is essentially worn during particular occasions (ceremony of passing majority, mariage, …). Declined in numerous different designs, the richest and finest Kimonos can be worth thousands of Francs.

During this workshop, we’ll furnish a Kimono and help you wear it the right way. Indeed, wearing correctly a Kimono is not as simple as it seems ! You’ll also be able to make great photos in one of this beautiful clothe.


Fabrication of Japanese seals

Saturday : 16h30-18h30 | room Sapporo

Dimanche : 16h-18h | room Sapporo

Capacity : 10 people

In Japan, Seals are a personal object necessary for all administrative processes. People engrave and register them in town hall. Children and even adults also have fancy seals to apply on their drawings or letters.

In this workshop, you’ll be able to engrave your very own seal under the supervision of a calligraph artist. You’ll choose a writing model for you name and then transfer it a rubber plate before engraving it. You’ll also be able to choose some japanese paper to decorate your seal. 



Dimanche : 12h-13h – salle Haru

Capacity : 15 people

Meaning “the art of making flowers come to life”, ikebana is the art of japanese floral arrangement. It aims to a lineary harmony which highlights not only the flower, but also the stalk and the vase. Created more than 550 years ago to adorn buddhist’s altars, it became then a way to decorate japanese houses.

During this workshop, come to initiate yourself to this fine art and discover a new side of japanese culture. You’ll create your own composition and then will be able to take it back home with you. 


Kōdō – Cérémonie de l’encens

Saturday : 17h-18h – room Matcha

Sunday : 17h-18h – room Matcha

Capacity : 10 people

Kōdō is the japanese art of enjoying perfume. During Sengoku period (~16th century), this nowadays mostly unknown art was as popular and widespread as the tea ceremony.

During this workshop, you’ll discover this ancestral art through a little game : will you be able to recognize all the perfumes and differentiate the perfumed woods ? 


Kumihimo – Japanese braiding

Saturday : all day depending on the number of participants – room haru

Sunday : all day depending on the number of participants – room haru

Kumihimo is a japanese sort of braiding which means “united wire”. Initially used to tie the haori (traditional japanese jacket) and the obi (kimono’s belt), Kumihimo is now used as a fashion accessory. 

During this workshop, you’ll be able to choose a wire between a variety of colors and make braided bracelet which you’ll be able to take home with you.



Saturday :13h-15h | room Haru

Sunday : 15h-17h | room Haru

Capacity : 20 people

Origami comes from the verb oru (to fold) and the word kami (paper). Invented more than a thousand years ago, this art allows you with a simple sheet of paper to create and reproduce animals, natural forms, decorative objects, etc. 

During this workshop, you’ll learn with a teacher how to realise different origamis, including the famous japanese crane.



Saturday : 11h30-13h30 | 14h-16h – room Sapporo

Sunday : 11h-13h | 13h30-15h30 – room Sapporo

Capacity : 10 people

Papercraft is the art of creating 3D character with a printed sheet. Come and learn how to create your really own figure or any other objet with the association Kyosai.


Sashiko – broderie japonaise

Saturday : all day depending on the number of participants – room haru

Sunday : all day depending on the number of participants – room haru

Sashiko is a embroidery technique which literally means “little points”. Used first to patch old clothes, it is used nowadays to decorate fabrics.

During this workshop, you’ll learn how this embroidery works and you’ll test your new knowledge by creating a caoster that you’ll take home with you.