Guests 2018

Japan Impact 2018: Guests

Like every year, we are lucky to welcome several important guests during Japan Impact.


Noob started as a small web serie realized by friends, but met a huge success these last few years. We can especially note their last crowdfunding that beat their every expectations to fund the creation of a Japanese RPG.

5 Noobs will be present during JI10, and you will be able to discuss with them, as well as going to their conferences and get your pgm stuff of the dead signed!


JBX et Pétulia

JBX is the author of the renown (french) audio saga “Reflets d’Acide”. This emblematic saga gave birth to comics and a RolePlaying Game, as well as a Board Game (co-created with Pétulia, his spouse).

You will be able to meet JBX and Pétulia at JI10 during signing sessions, as well as at their stand where they will be thrilled to present to you their Board Game.


John Lang, alias Pen of Chaos

John Lang, aka Pen of Chaos, is the author of the famous (french) audio serie “Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk” which has been adapted in various forms. This includes novels, comics, musics and other skits, as well as a Role Playing Game.

John Lang will be present at JI10 in order to meet his fans and do signing sessions. He will be thrilled to share with you memories, anecdotes, as well as whatever you do around his universe !


Surine and Rinaca

Surine has been cosplaying since 2005 and has attended the World cosplay summit twice and the European Cosplay Gathering once. Rinaca has been cosplaying since 2010 and also attended the World Cosplay Summit. They participated in numerous international events sur as the Tokyo’s International Film Festival and judged at many national and international competitions.

Surine Cosplay and Rinaca Cosplay come to us from Denmark, and will be at JI10 as judges for our cosplay contests. They will also do a conference on cosplay performances when our contests will give them some slack.


David Revoy

David Revoy is the French author of the webcomic Pepper&Carrot, already published in more than 20 languages. He will hold two conferences, one about his career, the other about the impact of the Japanese culture imported in France in the 80s.

He will be present at JI10 to sign his work and present his magical universe.



Rufio is a French Youtuber specialized in manga, video game and combat game. He is also part of Nesblog and author of the emission KOMA, focused on the manga culture through oeuvres, authors and specific thematics.

He will be present at JI10 to speak about his work and interact with his public through conferences and signing sessions.


Monsieur Plouf

Monsieur Plouf is a Swiss Youtuber, author of the gaming review series «Les chroniques de Monsieur Plouf», and he will be present both days of Japan Impact! You will be able to find him in the Gaming Federation stall to discuss with him, ask him his signature, or buy his goodies (cards, posters,…).

A panel with a Q&A session will be hold each day, at 2PM, in the Gaming Federation auditorium. Moreover, if you have the urge to, you may play with him at TowerFall, Overcooked or Wand Wars at the end of his panels!