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Shinorisu Cosplay


Tanya, known to everyone by her username “Shino” or “shinorisu” , has been a cosplayer for over 10 years. Born and based in Calabria, Italy, today at 27 years old she dedicated and still dedicates her life and studies mainly to traditional arts, like painting and sculpting. Among her passions stand out those for anime, make up, drawing and photography, but above all she loves videogames in an immeasurable way. Because of this , most of her cosplay characters come from many famous video games series such as “The Legend of Zelda” or “Final Fantasy”. The main goal with this hobby of hers, other than having fun, is to improve herself with new challenges, and for this reason she pushes herself more and more out of the ‘comfort zone’, to create characters that totally deviate from her way of being, always trying to learn how to craft more elaborate accessories and garments with handmade techniques.

Room Sakura – Sunday: 16h00 – 17h00.
The rest of the time, found there in the cosplay area (Pink Zone).

The ticketing of Japan Impact is open. Follow the link !

28 June 2022