Tales in which you are the hero

Saturday,12:00 - 12:45 at Usagi
Saturday,13:15 - 14:00 at Usagi
Saturday,17:30 - 18:15 at Usagi
Saturday,18:45 - 19:30 at Usagi
Sunday,12:45 - 13:30 at Usagi
Sunday,17:00 - 17:45 at Usagi

Capacity : no limit

The “Académie de Minuit” is an association of professional storyteller which aims to promote reading and imaginary. Their member will be at Japan Impact and will tell you a story in which you’ll be able to control some characters and even incarnate them. Don’t miss this chance to finally become the hero of your own tale. Gifts will also be given at their booth as well as at the end of each tale.

29 January 2019