Vu du Japon

Saturday,10:00 - 20:00 at Fuyu
Sunday,10:00 - 18:00 at Fuyu

“Vu du Japon” is a collective of about thirty francophone videographers passionate about Japan, whose entire video collection (about a thousand) is to be discovered on www.vudujapon.fr

Ikimasho, La Balade du Sakura and Mission Japon are founding members of this collective and they will be present at Japan Impact 2020!

Conference : Sunday 11H00: Tips for your trip to Japan

Three members of the videographer collective with 1000 videos on Japan will give you their best tips, advice, and tips for enjoying your next trip to Japan in an FAQ.


The Youtuber of this channel is called Audrey and wishes through Ikimashô to make you discover Japan: the places to visit, the activities and events not to miss or the little things to know about this country!

Conference : Saturday 6:00 p.m. : One year in Japan

Audrey will look back on her PVT year spent skimming the prefectures of Japan from North to South. Photos, story, advice, tips and tricks. She will answer your questions at the end of the conference.

La Balade du Sakura

The videographer of this channel is passionated about Japan since his childhood. He was able to realize his dream of going to the land of the rising sun in 2002. Since then, the desire to discover the country has not left him.

In recent years, he produced content on Japan through video documentaries and lighter content on the internet and social networks.

For him, Japan is a country that does not reveal itself so easily to travelers. Its culinary, cultural or pop culture richness are very broad topics that he tries to apprehend and restore in his own way on his various media.

Conference : Sunday 3:00 p.m .: Film in Japan, the advice of a videographer / documentary filmmaker

Julien has been filming Japan for years, both for his YouTube channel but also documentaries for television. He will tell you about his experience, give you sound advice to film in good conditions in Japan, what to do or not to do, for your holiday movies or your future YouTube channel.

Mission Japon

When a father has a child’s soul and his geek son discovers the land of the rising sun, it gives the beginnings of the Youtube channel Mission Japan which, since then, has launched itself full of challenges. The latest one is to discover what France has most Japanese with the “Tour de France du Japon”, a series that gave an idea to the organizers of Japan Impact, decline the concept on stage with a “Tour de Suisse du Japon”.

Conference : Saturday 3:00 p.m .: The Tour of Switzerland of Japan

Variation of the video series from the YouTube channel of the duo of Mission Japan, David will present you a somewhat special tour of Switzerland from Japan by connecting the two countries in a presentation studded with amazing information, videos and surprise guests .

5 January 2020