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YATUU is a comic book author since 2011. She has published 7 albums that speak with humor about societal facts that she needed to denounce.

In 2018, she launched in self-publishing with her new comic Erika and the princes in distress”: a warrior princess who saves princes in danger in a world dominated by women! The genders are reversed, no more helpless damsels, make way for strong and courageous women!

Thanks to the support of many readers on both Ulule and Tipeee, the first two volumes have been released, accumulating nearly 8000 pre-orders, and volume 3 is in preparation!

Yatuu, our second guest associated with Melectronics, will be giving a great talk on Saturday August 20th, where you can discover the fascinating world of self-publishing! And more than that, you will have the opportunity to get a signing during the two days of Japan Impact.

4 August 2022