Food Booths


Making homemade ramen with topping Karaage, pork or veggie Karage don (fried chicken with rice).

Kare Curry

The wide choice of Japanese curries.

Label7 AG

Best Bubble Tea from Swiss

Maiiam Japanese Street Food

Our food stalls offer our customers the chance to try authentic Japanese street food. This year we offer Takoyaki with octopus and vegetarian, we also offer homemade chicken or vegan Gyozas.


Welcome to our Sawasdee Thai booth ❤ Come and eat our pad thai, chicken curry, spring rolls and many more dishes. We will be happy to serve you.

Taiyaki & Co

Taiyaki made before your eyes in the purest Japanese tradition. These fabulous fish-shaped waffles will be filled with anko: the sweet homemade red bean paste found in all Japanese cakes. We will also offer you many other flavors that will surprise and delight your delicate taste buds of Japan.


Original japanese fried chicken. Fresh made Onigiris.