Food Booths


Explore a world of delights with our hot chocolate pairing. From the matcha experience to the simplicity of the classic, each is sure to please. 🍵 Mat’Cho: A delicate fusion of cocoa and matcha green tea, a sensory experience. 🌱 Classique: Traditional plant-based hot chocolate, a comforting sweetness that warms the heart. Indulge in responsible flavours. With every sip, an eco-gourmet statement. 🌍

Curry & Cie

Our booth will be a food stand. We want to introduce the authentic Japanese curry from our childhood in Japan. To ensure everyone can enjoy it, we will offer two curry dishes: one vegetarian and one with chicken. We have a little extra surprise reserved at the stand that you will discover during the event.

Emma Obadina Artisan Pâtissière Japon

The high-end Japanese pastries by Emma Obadina, a skilled pastry chef specializing in Japanese pastry, will be available this weekend! Authentic mochi from the past, freshly made dorayaki with a branded hot iron, biscuits, warabi, genuine hot chocolate with melted Swiss chocolate! Dango, Japanese cheesecake, and many other delights.

Emma Obadina, an artisan pastry chef specializing in Japanese pastry, is a key figure in the field. She is an international trainer and hosted over 2000 people in 2023, delivering around fifty lectures, including at the World Chocolate Fair and the largest festivals in Japan. Passionate about nutrients, pastries, and cuisine, she continues to work on her research and write books.

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Gyoza Bowl

Gyozabowl is a unique concept, it’s a delicious salad made up of fresh vegetables and Japanese gyoza served with a tamarind sauce or a Gochujang sauce, which is a fermented chili paste from South Korea. We also offer Teriyaki Chicken or Salmon, as well as Korean-style Chicken or Salmon. These dishes are served with rice.

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We will be serving Japanese snack food. We prepare the dishes on-site. We decorate the stand with a tent and tarps, as well as Japanese lanterns. We strive to serve as quickly as possible and to as many customers as possible without long waiting times.


We’ll be offering hot and cold drinks, with green tea, black tea or milk. Various toppings such as boba pearls or tapioca will be available. To ensure that our drinks are of the highest quality, we will be brewing the teas directly on site. Customers will be able to choose their sugar content as well as normal, lactose-free or soya milk, all served in paper cups and straws.

Moshi Donuts

Preparation of Moshi donuts with green tea and strawberry sugar glaze.

Osaka Cooking Catering

We are Osaka Cooking from the Netherlands! We make traditional Yaki Soba chicken for many years based on the recipy of our mother (in law) Tamiko who is original from Osaka. For the vegetarians among us we created the yaki soba veggie-style, and also a vegan option is available. We would say to everybody come and check out our noodles because they are really amazing!

PH Travel

We are the commission for irrotationals (the physics students’ association) responsible for organizing the end-of-bachelor trip. We participate in EPFL events to raise money for our trip. For Japan Impact, we plan to have a food stand where we will sell raclette for the cold winter weather and cookies.


Since 2017, we have been accompanying you at each edition. We usually come with the Sawasdee Thai stand. This year, we are introducing our SawaBao concept. Throughout this year, we have participated in Japanese cultural events such as the Kiyo Festival and Polymanga, where it has been a great success. Our bao meet the criteria to obtain the “Homemade” label, except for the spicy mayonnaise. We offer homemade bao in a menu with sweet potato fries.

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