In order to make Japan Impact more enjoyable for all its visitors, we are putting in place and will continue to put in place a number of measures which you can find here. If you have any questions or requests, please write to us at japaccessible@japan-impact.ch! Please note that some information will be added between now and the event.

How can I benefit from the reduced rate?

You will need to show us official proof of your entitlement to a reduced rate (official identity document, student card, culture card, AI card, etc.). Please bring a printed copy of your documents with you on your visit.

What is a Person with Special Needs (PwSN) ?

Persons with Special Needs means any persons with a condition which is considered a disability or impairment.

I'm bringing someone who knows my needs and can help me. What do I need to know ?

  • An assistance person can enter the convention free of charge to meet the needs generated by a disability. His or her bracelet will allow him or her to enter the convention as long as you are with him or her.
  • For most activities, bringing a helper is not a problem. He or she will carry out the activity with you and share your equipment. However, some activities, such as incense and tea ceremonies, have a shortage of available materials. Ask at reception, and if you find you can't take part, don't forget to unsubscribe!

How can I find out which activity is suitable or adaptable for me?

The amenities available for each activity are indicated on the room schedules (physical and digital) and where you can register, in the form of logos, with additional details that appear when you click on the logo of your choice on our digital platforms. If any information is missing, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at japaccessible@japan-impact.ch or ask at the reception desk near the convention entrance.

What does this icon mean ?icon helper staff

Our partners are generally very willing to find solutions to share their passion with you in the best possible conditions. Some of them, however, are alone and can't necessarily guarantee your additional specific accompaniment, while others are more numerous or more experienced. This logo indicates activities where our contact person has been made aware of our approach this year and has replied that they will be happy to discuss possible adaptations for you this year. This does not guarantee the possibility of adaptations on site, nor does it mean that nothing is possible for others. In any case, we recommend that you bring someone you know with you whenever possible.

I've been able to use some of the facilities that have been put in place and I'd like to give you some feedback for next year. How can I send them to you?

Thank you for your feedback! There's a short form you can use to send us your comments: Feedback Jap'accessible détaillé - https://forms.gle/yYJh8M4X8fsfcikv6 (opens in new window).

Impaired hearing

Are the convention buildings adapted to my disability?

Only the cosplay room at the Rolex is equipped with a magnetic loop, which works for all seats.

All the large conference rooms and small activity rooms are equipped with sound systems. Room acoustics comply with the SIA 181 standard.

Their lighting also complies with the requirements set out in standard SN EN 12464-1 (illuminance, glare limitation and adequate luminance distribution), in particular to enable lip-reading: you therefore have priority to occupy the seats closest to the speaker. Don't hesitate to point this out to people who may already be seated, using the signage on site or this message. Exceptions may be made in the case of competition juries or where otherwise indicated by our on-site staff.

Do I have access to the express queue at the entrance to the convention?


What do the following icons mean ?icon loudicon subtitleicon Documentation availableicon magnetic tape

  1. This activity and the corresponding area are or may suddenly be louder than the rest of the convention.
  2. The subtitles for this activity are automatically generated and may contain errors beyond our control.
  3. Documentation will be available to help you understand the purpose and main stages of the activity.
  4. A magnetic loop is installed in this room.

Visual impairment

Are the convention buildings adapted to my disability?

Come accompanied by someone who can help you navigate the convention, as the infrastructure at EPFL does not allow you to move around quickly in a crowd on your own.

The infrastructures present are :

  • Tactile lines on the ground near the entrance to the convention, leading to a building outside the convention but passing in front of the CO building (orange, green and sky blue zones)
  • Lines reinforcing the contrast of the footbridge stairs. We advise you to use the upper floor to cross this passage, which is narrow and will not necessarily allow you to pass comfortably with someone to guide you, in the event of heavy traffic
  • Most of the lifts have raised buttons to indicate the floors, except in the CM building, which is in the Red zone. The EPFL plans to modernise them in the coming years
Do I have access to the express queue at the entrance to the convention?


What do the following icons mean ?icon QR codeicon visual impairementicon unusual light

  1. QR codes are available for accessing PDF files formatted for screen readers, their location indicated roughly in this FAQ and on site by embossing in two corners on the QR-code.
  2. Some of the written information is transcribed tactilely using adapted equipment.
  3. This activity contrasts sharply with the rest of the convention, whether brighter, dimmer or with flashes.

Where can I find the QR codes containing the accessible texts?

QR-codes to access PDF files formatted for screen readers, for the rally activity, can be found at the top right of each poster. QR-codes to access screen-reader-formatted PDF files for the Japan Impact 15-year museum activity are located about 1m60 from the ground, to the right of each roll-up. QR-codes explaining your location are located next to the area maps on a separate small square sheet.


Calm and quiet room

A calm and quiet room dedicated to people who are neuro-divergent, anxious, or simply overwhelmed by the noisy atmosphere of a convention and want a quiet place to recharge their batteries is back this year with the help of Autisme Genève.

There are a few rules to follow to ensure that there's something for everyone:

  • There is total silence in this room. This is not a place to have discussions with your friends.
  • Please do not eat in this room. It creates an uncomfortable noise for many people with sensitive hearing.
  • Music is permitted as long as it is through headphones and cannot be heard around you.

If you are accompanied by your assistance dog and would like to benefit from a quiet place where you will be well looked after, do not hesitate to ask our staff or samaritans to take you to the infirmary with your dog, as access to the quiet room will be refused.

What are the risks of sensory overload?

The convention's reference level is similar to that of a supermarket at the weekend. The notoriously noisy areas are on the ground floor of the CO building (orange zone) and around the Matsuri hall in the CE building (dark blue zone), depending on the style of the concerts. Ask our on-site staff for earplugs. Some indoor activities may also be noisy or have sudden changes in loudness.

The lighting in the rooms complies with the requirements set out in standard SN EN 12464-1 (illuminance, glare limitation and adequate luminance distribution). Some areas (rooms or corridors) will be darker or have coloured or flashing lights.

Some activities can fill the room with strong smells.

How can I communicate my needs to your staff in a crisis situation?

Don't hesitate to bring a card that explicitly describes how to interact with you when you're feeling unwell, such as this one: https://www.autisme.ch/autisme-suisse-romande/actualites/carte-dinformation-je-suis-autiste . We will do our best upstream to ensure that our staff are aware of their existence.

What do the following icons mean ? logo silencelogo Proximity

  1. This activity requires a lower noise level than the rest of the convention. The most extreme example is the silent room; other activities may involve talking, but will generally be less crowded, for example.
  2. This activity involves physical proximity or repeated and prolonged contact with other people which cannot be avoided without distorting the activity.

Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

How can I access the convention?

The convention is accessible to people with reduced mobility in several ways, including public transportation and by car. Additional parking is available: Parking Rivier is available to facilitate the arrival of people with reduced mobility.

To get to the event from the metro, please follow the blue path indicated on this map. You will have to go down the ramps accessible from the two subway exit lanes, pass under the tunnel (traitillated), and then take the elevator to the left to exit at level 1.

If you arrive from the Rivier parking, follow the blue path on this map and take the elevator to level 1.

Do I have access to the express queue at the entrance to the convention?