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Mario Kart 8 deluxe (Nintendo Switch) tournament

20 February 2021
The surprises for this special edition Japan Impact: Pocket Edition are not over yet! Come and participate in the Mario Kart 8 tournament organized in collaboration with the Gaming Federation on Sunday February 21 from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Prices: 1st: Zelda notebook, Bowser’s Fury t-shirt, smash pins, matcha tea set 2nd: Zelda notebook, Bowser’s Fury T-shirt, matcha tea set 3rd: Bowser’s Fury T-shirt, matcha tea set 4th: matcha tea set A code will be provided to participants before the start of the tournament to participate. We are expecting many of you ^^ Read More

How to watch Japan Impact : Pocket Edition ?

19 February 2021
This year, Japan Impact reinvents itself and offers you a full online version. The convention schedule is available right here! To participate in the activities and join the community, do not hesitate to join the discord server of Japan Impact: Pocket Edition. To follow the shows, conferences, the cosplay contest and concerts, go to our Twitch channel! Click here to join us: WebTV 1 and WebTV 2 And don't hesitate to follow our social networks: Facebook Instagram Twitter Bazart Market (artists market) Read More

Kamishibaï show

19 February 2021
Kamishibai are stories, tales, legends, daily chronicles and other made-up narratives, which were told by many street storytellers in Japan almost a century ago. They carried on their bicycles, a choice of these stories - series of illustrated plates as well as a butai - small wooden casket in which the images were slipped. The young spectators, faithful, flocked every day to come and listen to the rest of the episodes! For this Pocket edition, you will discover one of the traditional stories in Pocket format. Curl up on your sofa, your cushions and immerse yourself in the wonderfully illustrated Japanese tales told by Nathalie Jendly. See you on our... Read More


18 February 2021
In partnership with the Z'Hiboo association, Japan Impact: Pocket Edition will propose its traditional cosplay contest (individual and group) on Sunday February 21st from 2:45 pm on webtv 1! This contest, although atypical because based this year on videos, promises impressive performances with quality cosplays. So take note of the date and time so you don't miss this unforgettable show! Read More

Concert and Interview: Tale of Fantasy

18 February 2021
For music fans, don't worry because we haven't forgotten you;) This weekend you can attend the concert and the interview of Tale of Fantasy, a choir of Epic Music, which represents a modern musical genre that takes inspiration not only from classical music but also from rock, popular and electronic universes. During the interview you will discover their new Epic Virtual project! Want to discover more about this kind of music? Join us on our Twitch channel (webtv 1) on Saturday February 20 from 1:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. and Sunday February 21 from 3:45 to 4:15 p.m (only the interview). Read More

Pokémon IRL

17 February 2021
And for the rest of your Japan Impact weekend program: Pocket Edition, the Pokemon IRL association (IRL = "in real life") offers many activities on Saturday and Sunday February 20 and 21! In the attached schedule, you will find events for 2 different audio discord channels: the "Live" and the "Stand".  1) On the "Live" channel, you can chat with them and follow the stream of activities in parallel.  2) The "Stand" channel works like a physical stand, without an associated stream.  Discord link: discord.gg/dBt75J7grC Browse the program to find out what you would like to participate in, and ... see you in 3 days! Read More