Monsieur Plouf

10 February 2020
The youtuber with more than 150’000 subscribers, author of the series of fun video reviews “Les chroniques de Monsieur Plouf” will be present the two days at Japan Impact! You will be able to meet him in the Gaming Federation rooms (orange zone) to chat with him, ask him for a small autograph […] Read More

Wish tree

7 February 2020
Tanabata is the Japanese festival that sees every year wish trees bloom with a thousand wishes. It celebrates the meeting of Orihime and Hiko-boshi, two lovers separated by a river of stars. Their miraculous reunion occurs only once a year, an event celebrated by the Japanese as attracting good fortune. Grab your most beautiful […] Read More


7 February 2020
Japan Impact wants to get into a sustainable movement and offers you reusable dishes. It will be accessible at food stalls. You will be asked to drop them off at one of our collection points. Thank you for bringing back cutlery, chopsticks, plates and bowls as they are at the end of your meal, our team will […] Read More

Nursing and changing room

7 February 2020
It is not always very comfortable to breastfeed or give the bottle in the middle of the crowd, so we strongly recommend that young parents (grandparents) join this brand new room reserved for them. You can also use the room to change your cherubs as long as you have the necessary equipment with […] Read More

Picnic area

7 February 2020
For your snacks, tables are available at different parts of the convention. Picnics and drinks (except alcohol) brought from outside are allowed. Please use these areas only to restore yourself. Eco Points are installed nearby to allow you to dispose of your waste responsibly. Caution: All glass containers are prohibited in the […] Read More