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10 December 2019
Ekotumi is a young artist from Japan. She brings up to date the tone of traditional instruments in modern compositions. Greatly influenced by Japanese mythology and folklore, Ekotumi stages tales derived from ancient stories of the Kojiki. In a mixture of dancing, singing and acting, the young artist creates a show worthy of the greatest. The rightness of her words, the sensitivity of her text and the poesy of the whole charms whoever crosses her path. Read More


10 December 2019
If you had loved or missed (shame on you!) Iron Attack ! during their European tour last year, then rejoice! They will be coming back for Japan Impact! This Power Metal band are proud to belong to the dôjin sphere inspired by video games and their music remains joyful and from various backgrounds! IRON-CHINO, guitarist and co-founder of the band, shares his experience of video games, more specifically the Touhou-Project, within his compositions, and surprisingly draws his inspiration from shintô mythology! These musical creations are performed by the young and energetic drummer Mikawa, the former bass player now guitarist Ryu, and the duet Yama-B and Minus-iyon, who know how to... Read More

Registration open for the Concours Kawaii and Concours Kakkoii

8 December 2019
The registrations for the Concours Kawaii and the Concours Kakkoii are open! The goal of the Concours Kawaii is to elect the cutest person, in a kawaii style. The aim here is not to be cosplayed but to show your own style! For further information: https://japan-impact.ch/en/contests/ For the Concours Kakkoii, the goal is to elect the coolest person, in a Kakkoii style. As for the Kawaii Contest, the goal here is to show which person has the most style! For further information: https://japan-impact.ch/en/contests/ The online ticketing is open! For the ones that still don't have a ticket, it is here:https://shop.japan-impact.ch/ Read More

Japan Impact is expanding!

3 December 2019
Japan Impact change and evolve through the editions. This year, we will have a new building: the CO in EPFL! It will replace the current BS (the area behind the Sakura room - CE6 for the ones who know), and will welcome a new food restoration area, some fanzine stand, a stage for martial arts as well as various activity rooms. Buildings CE and CM, the one near the entrance left and right, will be preserved (we love our big hallway!). Read More

RWBY: Kara Eberle & Arryn Zech

30 November 2019
For the first time in the French-speaking part of Europe, we're pleased to welcome the voice actresses of RWBY, Kara Eberle (Weiss Schnee) and Arryn Zech (Blake Belladonna), coming directly from the US! They will be present both days of the convention, and will hold not only signing sessions*, but a daily panel as well where you will be able to learn more about this crucial part of making an anime, from an American perspective. During the panel, they will gladly answer any questions you may have for them, be it about their job in general or RWBY specifically. If you want to know more about their career, we strongly... Read More