The shop is now open!

It’s Christmas again, and you don’t know what to gift to your beloved ones? We’ve got a solution for you: the Japan Impact shop is now open and you can buy tickets in order to gift a wonderful weekend 100% dedicated to the Japanese culture! It’s taking place on the 16th and 17th of February 2019, and we’ve even got some goodies that you can gift with the ticket! The mug is definitively lovely.

You can buy tickets here.

Guest : Nicolas David, author of “MeckaZ”

We are pleased to announce today our very first guest of the 11th edition of Japan Impact : Nicolas David, successful author of the global manga “MeckaZ”.

Meckaz is a shonen about sport whose first storyline conclude in 3 volumes. It’s the 1st manga of Nicolas David, who is both in charge of the scenario and the drawing, inspired by the codes of the japanese manga. MeckaZ finished 6th out of 400 at the KI-OON contest and 11th out of 800 at the Silent Manga Audition contest.

Nicolas David will be present both days for lectures and signing sessions. Don’t miss the chance to meet him ! 


[CONTEST CLOSED] Poster contest Japan Impact 2019

Dear artists, Japan Impact needs you!

We are already in May, and it’s time to call again on the artists that follow us for the poster of Japan Impact’s next edition. Send us your best line art!

Like in the preceding years, the theme of the contest is Japan. Our convention wants to promote Japanese culture, with both its traditional and modern sides. It’s up to you to play with this aspect when you’ll submit your project of poster!

The winner will receive the first prize of 700 Swiss francs and will commit to finish his/her lineart which will be used as the official poster of the eleventh edition of Japan Impact ! If for whatever reason the winner is unable to finish the poster, we’ll contact another artist. If you still want to have a chance to be selected, please keep your line art secret until the end of September.

To take part in the contest, please send your poster concepts and sketches to the following email address: You have until June 30th 2018 at 23:59 (GMT+1). We are looking forward to discovering your submissions!

If you have any questions regarding the contest, you can contact us at the same email address. We also invite you to review the contest rules.

Good luck ! 😉

Continuous Activity: Post-it Battle

Japan Impact is also a lot of creativity too! You didn’t manage to win a prize with our numerous contests before the convention? Well you still have a chance with the return of our Post-it Battle contest! Using Post-it of different colours, create your most beautiful pixel-art during the convention this weekend! All of your works will be photographed and judged with fantastic prizes as a result.


Continuous Activity: Pokémon tournaments

You want to prove you’re the very best? Like no one ever was? Then come prove it to us during our famous Pokémon tournament organized at Japan Impact!

More informations here:


Conference: Retrospective on Japan Impact

You always wanted to know more about us? You have an interest in Japan Impact? You want to revive memories of the first edition? You want to know our adventure?

To celebrate our 10th edition, we thought it would be a good idea to have a throwback at our journey. That’s why old members of our comittee will have the pleasure to present to you a conference where they will show you the path we took to go where we are today! If you are curious about our history, or simply want to hear crispy anecdotes, don’t hesitate to come and ask your questions!


Conference: Bunny Maloney, Adventures of a not so bright bunny (FR)

After projecting an extract of Bunny Maloney, Méko, its creator, will talk about its unexpected creation that happened during a convention in 1999. Anecdotes and episodes will be there, because nothing happened as planned until its diffusion, 13 years later, in the form of a 3D TV series made of 52 episodes. This project fully used the energy of 74 talented animators during 2 years, despite them asking for nothing…


Board and card games

Japan Impact is also a big discovery for games every year. Lots of clubs will be present to teach you about their favourite hobby, modern or traditional.

– Hanafuda –
Born during the 16th century, Hanafuda is a typical Japanese card game. You will be able to discover this game as well as its variants Hana-Awase or Koi-Koi.

– Mah-Jong –
For experimented players as well as beginners, come discover Mah-Jong. Be conquered by the rythm of the tiles.

– Go –
Come discover this millenial strategic game, which simple rules hide a complex game.

– Japan and board games –
Share a playful time around games where you will find Japan marks, graphically speaking, or by its minimalism.

– Card games –
Discover and rediscover worldwide card games like Force of Will or Magic the Gathering, or even games coming straight from Japan like Vanguard or Weiss Schwarz and even more!



Cultural workshops – 3rd and last wave

Japan Impact, it’s also lot of cultural activities! Come discover the following workshops during our convention:
– Japanese course
– Furoshiki
– Jiko-shokai, present oneself in Japanese
– Kokedama
– Kumihimo

Be careful, all these workshops can welcome a limited number of participants! Inscription sheets will be present outside the workshop rooms at the opening of the convention. So don’t be late if something interests you.



Access for people with physical disabilities

It was an important point for us, Japan Impact needs to be adapted for everyone!

Thus, we managed to set up accesses to every room and  zones for people with physical disabilities in addition to an AI/AVS price. Go there for more information: (translation will come soon).