Continuous Activities

Absolute Frost

Absolute Frost - Music Gamers is an e-Sports association that has the particularity of having a section specialized in music video games. At our booth, you can test iconic games for free such as “Dance Dance Revolution,” “Pump it Up,” “Guitar Hero,” “Taiko no Tatsujin,” and “Pop’n Music.

Find them on their website and instagram.

Family room

This unsupervised room is designed primarily for little adventurers. They’ll be able to take a break from their quest for stamps, colour in their rally map or do a little craft under the watchful eye of their supervisor. There’ll be plenty of surprises in store for them this year!


Specializing in vibrant Japanese art and designs inspired by your favorite anime, Fukuro_tatts is a tattoo artist who presents a style that combines traditional tattoo art with the dynamic drawing style of manga and anime.

Find fukuro_tatts on instagram.

Gaming Federation

Experience the magic of Yokaï at our Gaming Federation booth! This year, our universe draws inspiration from Japanese folklore to provide you with immersive and responsible gaming experiences. Explore virtual worlds where legends and ethics intersect, featuring captivating and even enchanting games.

Participate in exciting tournaments and interactive workshops, all while learning about the importance of healthy and balanced gaming. We invite you to explore Japanese culture and the world of video games in a conscious and engaged manner. Meet fellow enthusiasts, discover the latest innovations, and enjoy our playful activities while remaining mindful of your well-being and that of others.

With Gaming Federation, dive into a fantastical universe, cultivating an approach to gaming that is both fun and responsible.

GenkiCorp - TCG

Can you initiate yourself or challenge yourself in the fantastic card game that has spanned ages: Magic the Gathering! Our TCG expert will introduce you to the strategies and intricacies of the game with the starter kit provided for this purpose. Be the best and defeat your opponent to win numerous prizes offered by Genki Corp. and Wizard of the Coast.


Le Musée des contes invites you to a fascinating experience at the Hall-Kamishibaï. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the kamishibai, a traditional Japanese picture theater made of wood. Come and explore the spellbinding tales, legends and inventive tales of Japan, all narrated visually in this small theater. Become a reader yourself, transporting your listeners through stories evoking the depths of the ocean, the edges of a forest, or the majestic peaks of Mount Fuji. These landscapes are populated by human beings and other creatures, creating a captivating experience for audiences from all walks of life.

Picture credit: © Amina Jendly

Find Hall-Kamishibaï on their website and on facebook

Hanafuda & JDR


Originating in the 16th century, Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game. Originally created to get round the ban on Western games, it was imported to the United States in the 1930s by Nintendo, which was originally founded to market them. A standard game pits two (or even three) players against each other and is played over six or twelve rounds, lasting around half an hour. We invite you to discover the Hana-Awase or Koi-Koi variants.

Role-Playing Games

  • Wayfarer and other journeys in Japan:
  • Ken to Shin is a fantasy role-playing game set in a land inspired by feudal Japan, where magic exists, and gods can influence the fates of mortals.
  • Ryuutama is a Japanese fantasy role-playing game translated into French, offering a journey through a marvelous world ruled and protected by dragons, where adventure is never far away.
  • Call of Cthulhu, a classic in role-playing games, will take you to 1920s Japan, encountering horrors beyond human understanding. And a few other magical universes to discover!
  • Game sessions last between 2 and 5 hours and are accessible from 12 years old for some adventures and in all cases, from 15 years old. No prior experience necessary.

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Japan Impact Museum

Let’s celebrate the 15th edition of Japan Impact together! To mark this special event, we invite you to go behind the scenes of our event with the 15 Years Museum. Discover the evolution of the convention through its posters and colourful staff t-shirts. Learn more about the PolyJapan committee, the history of Japan Impact and the vision for the future. And don’t miss the conference hosted by the current and former presidents, offering a retrospective of the last five years and revealing little-known aspects of our history.


At some point in our life, we all dreamt of being someone else. Whether it was a lone, hardened hunter seeking redemption, a ronin fighting for justice during the Edo period or a group of students investigating paranormal activities in their school, you have the opportunity to realize your dreams thanks to JDR-Poly! We organize role-playing initiations throughout the weekend of Japan Impact, don’t miss our stand!

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Jeu de Go

Were you intrigued by Hikaru no Go or have you ever curiously searched on the internet ‘Google VS the best Go Pro’? Or perhaps you are simply curious about this game whose name only serves to fill crossword puzzles? Then come and discover the world of Go, a fascinating game that dates back over 4000 years!

Contrary to appearances, in just 10 minutes, you can learn the rules and start a game. The game of Go is accessible to everyone, young and old, and has a handicap system that levels the playing field between beginners and experienced players.

If you feel the need and desire to change the scenery between manga, anime, and other artists during the next edition of Japan Impact, don’t hesitate to visit the Go booth!

Find them on their website.