Continuous Activities


The Museum of Tales invites you, Japan Impact visitors, to the Hall-Kamishibaï to learn this art.

Come and discover tales, legends and other invented stories from Japan, told in pictures, in a small wooden theater.

Become a reader in your turn, transporting listeners, during the time of a story, from the depths of the ocean, to the edge of a forest or to the top of Mount Fuji, landscapes populated by human beings and other than human.

For the general public

Photography credit © Amina Jendly


Originating in the 16th century, Hanafuda is a typical Japanese card game. Originally created to get around the ban on Western games, it was imported to the United States in the 1930s by Nintendo, which was originally founded to market them. A standard game is played between two (or even three) players and is played in six or twelve rounds for a total duration of about half an hour. We suggest you discover the Hana-Awase or Koi-Koi variants.

Maid Café Victorian Rose

In the hustle and bustle of the convention, come take a break at the Maid Café Victorian Rose. Our team of Maids and Butlers look forward to welcoming you and pampering you with drinks and homemade pastries. We look forward to seeing you!

Musical games - Absolute Frost

Absolute Frost is an e-sport association which has many teams in the video games of the moment and which has the particularity to have a category Musical Video Games. With us you can freely test mythical games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Pop’n Music or Taiko no Tatsujin !

Pokemon IRL

Hunt for arena champions to collect their badges and challenge the Poke’mon League IRL!

(Animation requiring to come equipped with a Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Sword/Shield and/or Scarlet/Purple games and to have a pokémon team ready to take up the challenge!)

Role play

Ken to Shin is a fantasy role-playing game, set in a land inspired by feudal Japan where magic exists and where the gods can look into the destinies of mortals. The Nebukan Empire is a vast archipelago, rich in culture and mystery, home to many peoples. Players have the opportunity to play a variety of roles: commoner, thief, monk, samurai, nobleman, merchant, mage, craftsman… It’s up to you to decide if you want to involve magical events, heroic quests, supernatural creatures, political intrigue, epic battles… or if you prefer to play simple villagers facing the vicissitudes of daily life.

Role Play with JDR Poly

Initiation to Role Playing

They are beautiful, they are fresh, they are JDR-Poly (jdrpoly.ch ) and they propose us role playing games during all the weekend Animation of a stand in the corridor in front of their animation room with role playing games.


Come and discover or enjoy Touhou and its vast universe through the different works and creations that make its success. You will be able to find several computers in order to be able to try you with the official games, fangames, versus fighting or rhythm games.

We also put forward various music groups which adapt the musical themes of the games with different sauces, like for example, jazz, metal, rock, electro, rap and many others.

Zen meditation - Dojo Zen Sansui

At a time when meditation in all its forms is fashionable, we will allow you to discover the thousand-year-old tradition of Zen meditation - called zazen. This very precise posture was described in the 13th century by Dōgen, a Japanese Zen master. It already existed in China a few centuries earlier and, long before, in India with the Buddha. You will be able to experience the great mental calm that zazen provides and we will then gladly answer your questions about it.