Professional Booths

Anime Import

Since 2000, we have been directly importing all the best original collectibles from Japan. Specialized in high end figures, rarities, out of print items and Gundam models. The largest assortment in Europe!

AOI Japanese concept

The concept of our store is to make discover different attractions of the Japanese culture by proposing a broad range of articles, going from artisanal and traditional pieces, to modern articles, much more “pop”. The creations of our brand AOI Clothing, offering a revisited vision of traditional kimono will also be to discover or rediscover!

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Apolline is an art school that teaches comics, manga and music to young people. It offers courses in the cities of Geneva, Lausanne, Morges, Montreux, Yverdon, Neuchâtel, Sion and Fribourg. Drawing workshops during the vacations are organized to teach you the techniques of Mangakas. We believe that comics and manga are creative forms of expression that help develop creativity, imagination and self-confidence. That’s why we make sure that the classes at Apolline’s are very cool and stimulating.

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Association Kissui

The Kissui association wishes to share its passion for the culture of Asian countries and proposes various activities centered on a particular aspect. For example: Light Novels, go, nunchaku, shakuhachi flute or mythology. We have recently put online a virtual showroom to allow independent artists to exhibit their works for free.

You can find all the information about us here: https://kissui.click/liens

Atelier Duvet - Calligraphy

Exhibition-sale of original works of painting and calligraphy.

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Atelier Rond Bleu

Risography is a printing process of Japanese origin close to screen printing, at the crossroads between manual and mechanical printing. Its big difference, among other things, is to use ecological soy-based inks. Completely aligned with a demand for ecological alternatives, risography also makes it possible to produce prints with vibrant and original colors.

Atelier Rond Bleu, printing workshop based in Geneva (Switzerland) and its founder Kristell Silva Tancun, passionate about Japan, will be happy to introduce you to this wonderful printing process during the Japan impact.

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At the Ceruleum School of Visual Arts booth you will find various information and details about the Preparatory and Bachelor’s programs that are offered. Do not hesitate to come and talk to the people at the booth, they will be happy to answer all your questions. But that’s not all. If you feel like it, you will be able to buy illustrations and other goodies made by former students of the school such as bags, stickers, pins, etc.

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The Cordeb’Art workshop is the pioneer of MANGA drawing in Switzerland. Since 2007, we help hundreds of people to progress in Manga drawing. We will be delighted to receive you on our stand to inform you about our trainings and answer your questions. Numerous works of students will also be there for the pleasure of the eyes.

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Diane Georges

Diane has always had her head in the stars, and her fingers in the paint. As a child, she wanted to make dragons real. Today, she is more of a travel agent for imaginary worlds. Organizing magical tours to far away and strange lands. And the others? Other guides, at your service to take you to more unique and colorful worlds.

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Dôshin Editions

“Dôshin Éditions, specialized publisher of manga, comics and novels by French-speaking authors. Meet Romain Huet, author of the successful series Yggdrasil Sentai in signing session all weekend.”

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