Guests & Conferences

Conference: Atelier Duvet - Calligraphy

Breton artist Isabelle Jeudy has been attending conventions on Japanese culture for 18 years to share her practice of Latin and Japanese painting and calligraphy. Come and discover during this conference her anecdotes and techniques and learn more about the art of artistic writing in France and in Japan.

Conference: Emma Obadina - Traditional home-made pastry

Discover the universe of Japanese pastry as in the 16th century with traditional utensils, soft and light pastries inspired by the architecture of nature, a specific collection for the Poly Japan 2023 of foods based on digestive well-being. This universe will be commented and explained.

Emma Obadina pastry chef and nutritherapeuthe

Elsa Brants

French cartoonist and Mangaka as much inspired by Rumiko Takahashi and the Dorothy club as by Gotlieb and Goscinny, Elsa Brants worked on several works as a colorist before launching her own series “Save Me Pythia”, a work skillfully mixing Greek mythology humor, inspired by the myth of Cassandra, a priestess who refused the advances of the God Apollo, and for this reason cursed to always predict the truth without ever being believed.

Julien Fontanier - Japanese initiation

Meet Julien Fontanier, the teacher who democratized the learning of Japanese on YouTube! He will be present on his booth during the whole fair, where you can find his famous posters allowing you to learn hiragana, katakana and kanji with the names of manga characters! Julien Fontanier will also give every day an introduction to Japanese on stage, the ideal way to start learning the language!


History, technique and explanation of traditional kintsugi. Kintsugi is a technique of repairing ceramics, making marks, scars that are beautiful. Sometimes gold is added. I make the parallel between repairing an object and repairing an inner break, because every break deserves the most beautiful repair.

Reno Lemaire

Author of Dreamland, a successful manga series still in progress that makes him one of the most famous mangakas in France.

Rond Bleu Workshop

Risography is a printing process of Japanese origin close to screen printing, at the crossroads between manual and mechanical printing. Its main difference, among others, is the use of ecological inks based on soy. Completely aligned with a demand for ecological alternatives, risography also allows to produce prints with bright and original colors.

Atelier Rond Bleu, printing workshop based in Geneva (Switzerland) and its founder Kristell Silva Tancun, passionate about Japan, will be happy to show you this wonderful printing process during the Japan Impact.

Swiss Miso

“SWISS MADE MISO manufactures artisanal miso in the Lake Geneva region, using local and organic ingredients. What is Miso ? It is a soybean paste fermented in Japan. It is a key ingredient for the preparation of delicious Japanese dishes such as miso soup.

Tea in the Japanese culture by Marutcha

Tomoko and David from Marutcha, the first salon specialized in Japanese tea in Lausanne, propose a conference on the presence of tea in Japanese culture (here, mangas). It will include an interactive presentation of the teas of the archipelago - no, there is not only a green tea ;) -to end with a tasting. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the culinary culture of the country and to taste some really good green teas!

Tokyo No Jo

Tokyo no Jo (French: Jo de Tokyo) was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up there until he was 20 before moving to Paris. He started creating videos in 2017 in order to break the clichés about his country and to practice the French language. The themes he tackles in his videos are numerous: learning the language, cultural differences between France and Japan, food…, all without taboos! To know more about him and his experience in France and Japan, come and meet him at Japan Impact