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Introduction to Special Makeup Effects

Begoña is a freelance artist specialising in special make-up effects and creature design, who works in the film and television industry. She is also a cosplayer and goes by the name Shirak. She represented the UK at Japan Expo in Paris during ECG in 2015, portraying Bran Stoker’s Dracula as a solo representative. and has won awards in several national and international competitions.

At Japan Impact, Begoña will present a full panel explaining the intricacies of prosthetics and special make-up effects, accompanied by a live demonstration of prosthetic application. This panel shows the details of industry-standard prosthetics (from their design to the final make-up of the creature, showing the sculpting process, techniques, secrets, etc.), as well as the possibilities and applications of prosthetics in cosplay.

Photo by Riah

Japan Impact 15th edition - a retrospective of the last 5 years

Don’t miss the conference hosted by PolyJapan’s current and former presidents, looking back over the last five years and revealing some little-known aspects of our history!

Japanese mythology and beliefs

A look at the origins of Shintoism and Japanese cosmogony/mythology. The talk will cover the beliefs associated with the visio of the Shinto world, and the spirits that inhabit nature, both kami and yôkai. The subject will also provide an opportunity to look at the connections and differences between several Asian cultures, particularly that of China, which is the source of many Japanese legends.

As part of this conference, authors who have taken up Asian myths in their latest publications will be able to discuss their work.

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Japanese themes for Western graphic art

Kabé is a street art painter whose style is inspired by Japanese culture. On his stand, you’ll find his stencil paintings. Koi, other animals, characters, plants and more, his Japanese-themed subjects are waiting to be discovered. He will be giving a talk on the theme of art, how the fascination for a culture from the other side of the world has nourished European artists and how this has been adapted in the art of image, drawing and painting.

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Kimono grades: How do you differentiate between kimonos for different occasions?

Kimonos, the emblematic garment of Japan, have a unique cut. And yet it can be differentiated by its material, style or colour, to be worn on a variety of occasions. Which kimono for which event? Yasuka Mastro, creator of Midnight Blossom and certified dresser, tells you all about it.

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Living in harmony at home with the Yokai

You probably have Yokai in your home. Whether they are visible or not, mischievous or benevolent, they are part of your daily life. Come and learn how to live peacefully with your Yokai.

Living, working and doing business in Japan

Beaucoup d’entre nous souhaitons faire un bout de chemin sous les rayons du soleil levant, certains juste en touriste, d’autre pour les études. Puis il y a ceux qui veulent sauter le pas et, tout simplement, vivre au Japon par passion ou pour en faire un projet professionnel. Pour ceux là il est important d’avoir une idée précise de ce qui les attends là-bas et si vos serviteur peut aider : c’est avec grand plaisir.

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It’s with great pleasure that we announce the arrival of Mitsu, a French personality who has lived in Japan for over 10 years and shares his rather atypical life in his videos.

You’ll be able to meet him on stage at Japan Impact where he’ll share how a series of small choices led him to the life he leads today in Japan. You can expect lots of fascinating anecdotes about his journey, and he’ll also be interacting with you on how to succeed in his personal projects.

Don’t miss his “Dis-nous Mitsu” session, in which he answers your questions in all honesty.

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My journey as a content creator of cosplay, manga and K-Pop

During this conference, I’ll be taking you through my career, from my beginnings to the present day, as a content creator and self-employed entrepreneur in the fields of cosplay, manga and cosplay. I’ll also give you the keys to standing out on the platforms and creating authentic content that you like on these same themes. I’ll be open to your questions and discussions.

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